Waiting for trouble ...

A week later, my daughter is getting married.We're kind of getting ready for the wedding, and I do not joy - the soul cat scratch, as I am absolutely convinced that it makes a huge mistake.

Do not think that I believe his daughter Princess blood, which alone is worthy of the king - it is not in this.I do not like the next-in-law, as a man, his principles of life, its consumer attitude to everything.He lives as if the whole world to him as something obliged.

not to be unfounded, I will give a couple of examples that I just jarred.Here he comes to my daughter, and almost at the door tells her: "Babka retirement brought, so that the walk!Get ready, the pub go, "I went and asked him, saying, great grandmother's pension, and he shrugged:" Kopeika at times be delayed, "I asked, and she will live on, if it is her retirement took, and he laughs!, they say, old people always have a nest egg.

He was not working, not studying.He, like my daughter, 24 years old, but she already finished university, work, and tha

t it goes somewhere, it throws something works, do not.Began to ask how they are going to live, do a patch on the daughter's?He was surprised, he said that the problem should be solved as they come.And yet - do parents of poor children do not just settle for food ?!

When I saw that I was a very negative response to this concern, such as, "reassured": "money around is full!You just have time to bend down and lift "And he has successfully" bends ": several times I heard him ask for money from her daughter.

I jarred his impudence: he can get into the fridge, take what he likes to call at any time on the telephone, to wake us up, just to chat.And a lot more detail and, and, in my opinion, serious things.

But the most serious - is that he had already married and divorced.And was a small child to the family.When I began questioning him, he said that he had warned his ex-wife - if you give birth, then he will leave.The child, he does not work, it discouraged that unemployed.

I tried several times to talk to my daughter, but she seemed at once blinded and became stupid.Solid one: "I love him!" Began to talk about the former family, and she says that the wife he did not like, because well done, and it will all be different.And then the conversation short: "Are you going to speak - will go out of the house!ยป

husband tries to comfort me, she said that her daughter has the right to life and even their mistakes.And my heart bleeds and I have nights vyplakivayu her future tears.

What can be done, how to avoid trouble?It is, in fact, the trouble came to our house!so I can not just sit and wait, and what to do - I do not know.