Just would not happen again !

Vlad and Natasha had known each other all their lives.They were born in the same hospital with a difference of an hour - Natasha was older and very proud of it.Their parents lived in the same house, the families were friends, so all the childhood memories they share: they played together, visited each other's homes, and often one or the other mother was looking after two kids.

Who is to blame, what is the cause of the child's argument, it is already impossible to remember.Whether Vlad broke hired by Natasha mud pies in the sandbox, and she hit him sovochkom, or vice versa, but the children ran from door to door, with tears that are so easy to appear and then dry up in children.

Why mom that day so fiercely clutched each other, rolling in accusations and insults, too, can not understand today, after many years with the fatal conflict.Only word for word, and brought the parents, who defended his child, too far.To quarrel even the Pope joined ... have been forgotten years of friendship, common interests,

all the good things that united them for several years.

Vlad Natasha almost immediately reconciled, and shared cakes and shovel, and parents all have continued to clash.Moreover, they began to forbid children to play together.But as one yard, and in kindergarten, they went to the same group was unable to destroy the communication of children.And then it's time to go to school, and out of habit Vlad was holding Natasha's hand when they ceremoniously entered the classroom and sat down at a desk.

Behind it they all sat 10 years before last call.Only the parents have not made it up, did not even say hello, colliding at parents' meetings or in the yard.And yet for some reason, slander Vladik on a girlfriend, and Natasha regularly listened from my mother all sorts of unpleasant things against Vlad and his family.

children try to hide their communication by parents who do not share anything that came to their relationship.However, the older they become, the more I realized that they can not be without each other.Children's friendship grew into love, and then in true love.Vlad and Natasha decided to get married after graduation.But to talk about it to parents, they did not dare.

clear that early marriage is unlikely to please some of the parents.Everyone wants children to be educated, firmly stood on his feet, and then to think about family, about children.We were no exception and the parents of our heroes.But adults think differently, but youth and love no one listens.

When they mustered the spirit to tell parents that they want to get married and have a baby, the scandal was such that the walls were shaking, and that one that in the other house.And most of all, both parents' side is troubled selection beloved offspring.How could their son choose "this girl from a terrible family" ?!How could such a wonderful girl to covet "this» ...

Vlad and Natasha stood all.They are preparing for war with their parents, understand that you have to listen to a lot of unpleasant things, but even did not expect that everything will be so difficult and hard.Parents threatened a total failure in all the support, all sorts of sanctions, rupture of relations.And to the question, and Vlad, and Natasha, "Why do you quarrel?What you do not share? "No one could give a clear answer.

And it is clear - parents for a long time do not remember how it all began.Bad mood, tore the hearts of offensive words in a completely insignificant occasion - and all of the good and friendly relations are not even memories.

Natasha and Vlad still married, they had a son.Natasha was sitting at home with the child, and Vlad has worked and studied in the evenings at the institute.Well, that one of the grandmothers let them live to themselves, and even helped with the baby.But it was still hard and money is tight.

But the guys did not despair and made plans, drawing their future home, travel routes and were in love with each other.And everything would be fine if not for the parents.After the birth of a grandson they had made something like a truce, but it was only in words.Each of the mothers coming into the house, looking for "sins" and a reason to complain about: mother-in-law - to the son-in-law and - to the daughter.Moreover, words are not chosen - that came to mind, and the sound aloud.And in every reproach: "It is unworthy of you!" Or - "You are not worthy of it!»

clear that every mother loves her child and wants him to be happy.But that's often the very idea of ​​this happiness a mother and beloved child apart.And the guys took ecstasy novelty relationships, everyday began, a small child, for who needed care.Vlad tired of working and learning, are increasingly Natasha was home alone with the baby and home affairs.And then there's my mother regularly comes and whispers that his daughter ruined life, that her husband is out there walking, and she sits alone.And Vlad increasingly heard from her mother, Natasha hung around his neck, and thankless, can not even cook a meal or pet shirt.

first guys protect each, but as they say, the water wears away the stone.They began to flare up a quarrel, and it is unknown which of them the first one said, "That's right my mother used to say ..." Quarrels broke out more and more, and parents from both sides only underlay firewood into the fire, which burned down the happiness of their children.

Vlad and Natasha lived together for a little over two years.After a divorce, separation by the parent apartments and chance encounters on the street or in the city.However, Vlad tried several times to make peace, but Natasha feed his mother accused him of betrayal and her love, and her son.

Years passed.These two families have long lived in different areas.Vlad married in the new family was born a daughter, but the relationship with his wife did not work, even though his parents were strongly privechali second daughter.Natasha is also married, though not to a great love, but for loving her boyfriend, who was the real father of her son's.

And, as often happens in life, once they met.Incidentally ... ... Suddenly, for the first time after the break they did not shy away from each other, but on the contrary, decided to talk, to understand why it happened, because deep down, every one of them has kept the memory of that great feeling that connects them.However, not all errors can be corrected in life, and they - talked and left.

The whole story began in my eyes, because I, too, lived in this house and talked with the two families.And so it happened that life and then I was pushing it with Natasha and her parents, then with Vlad's family.And how much I have tried to reach out to the parents of children, to understand why they do that, I could not get an answer, but only finally ruined relationships with them.

Recently, I met Natasha.She has a noticeable belly led the handle of the baby, who was trying to escape the sandbox to the girl, lepivshey kulichiki.Natasha and I sat a long time on the bench, looking at the children playing, talking, and I thought: "If only history will not repeat itself!".