Let the adult children live , how can ?

We have to work a dispute broke out - whether you want to help adult children, and to what extent.Naturally, all the speakers, who are thought to be especially hot single mom adult married son, who thinks that his son has grown up, and now has the right to live the way she wants, not to hang on to young grandchildren and assistance.While accusingly he told about his sister.But more about them ...

lived two girls, dad they had the military and my mother a housewife.A lot of them had to travel on the light with my parents, well, they know all the hardships of military life.

family was friendly, Dad strict but fair, just a pity the house is not often, more and more in the service, and my mother had to bring up a girl.

She taught them kindness, responsiveness, courtesy, diligence and did not forget to remind the older Nadenka that Irishka younger and younger have to give in, take care of them.And so it happened - the eldest girl was walking with her younger, played with her, and when she went to school,

help her with their homework and generally took care of her in every way.Nadia and I tried to help my mother - when the store goes, when will wash the dishes, as well as adults, washing and cooking.

As time passed, the girls grew up, learned and flew away, and the parental home - married to the military, as well as their mother.And once again began life on wheels, garrisons, a small town and removable small rooms.Husbands girls got good, smart, and, most importantly, love.Soon, the two families had children, have Irisha a son Igor, and daughter Nadia Arishka.

Mom offered to give her grandchildren - wanted to help the girls.But, Nadia, thanking parents raised her daughter herself and her husband.Young parents always took Arish with a, well, if you really wanted to go to the cinema in the evening or sit with friends, asked her mistress, whose shot while the room to look after a baby.

Irina also brought his son to the grandparents, who helped her put the boy's feet, and then completely at left, saying it was wrong to the child to wander in strange corners.Parents often visited the boy they loved son, take it with you on vacation, gave expensive gifts, and how grown up, gave him a good education.

But as time passed, the children grew up and parents are old, and now the girl lived up to the retirement age, while their husbands until retirement.Finally, she came to a quiet, sedentary life, the family gathered in a small town, and often met friends.

Adult children and began to arrange his personal life.Arish married, Nadia and her husband played a gay daughter, noisy wedding, her husband walked into the family, as a native son.After the birth of a boy Arishin family he lived with his parents for two years.All lived together, helped each other as best they could, and then left the children with her grandson in the big city, where it was easier to find a high-paying job and buy an apartment.

Nadia Grandma and Grandpa decided to help the children.They are for themselves decided that high-priced travel on holiday abroad it is not what (they would in Forest Park, next to the house to take a walk), to the restaurants they go not going (all good to do at the time), and a sanatorium, to maintain health, you can choose andcheaper.And therefore all the extra money they saved on an apartment for children.Soul chayali they are not in their grandchildren and often took him to her, for they had a great joy every visit children to visit them.

Going to marry and Irina's son, he reported it to his parents, but my mother once said that it is ready to accept a daughter, but so that she knew their place and did not try to "build" in-law and set up the son against the mother - two housewives in onekitchen does not happen.

But in fact, she believes that her son was in the first place to think of a house, and then the wedding, because he - the man and his family must provide itself, rather than forcing all to live in a "communal" apartment.Igor, having heard all this, he rented an apartment and moved there with his young wife, and a year later they had a son.It is difficult to them, of course, had but lived together, and the wife's parents helped.

And Ira again stated that there was nothing to immediately start a child, and if brought, then please grow it themselves, and not by our hands.Do you want to live separately - purchase an apartment, but it needs a lot of work for a long time, and we have already worked out its now the turn of his son and daughter to work, because it is they decided to get married, so let and take full responsibility for it.She had raised her son, gave him an education and now want to live for yourself.And all the help Ira resulted in small gifts on the occasion, she had not even questioned and is not very interested in how things are going in the young.

Generally, of course, and Ira, and Nadia have a right to think as they wish, but as the two girls were brought up in a close-knit family, where they are equally loved, the same care, two very different women grew: one became vseponimayuschey, good andself and the other selfish, foolish and selfish?I do not understand how you can be so hostile towards his child?Why did she give birth to him?Is il forget how the child reacted to her by her mother, and why it was not for her example?

I think let the young get married, even if they will not do anything (everything can be gradually amass), it's not terrible, it is terrible when his son leads to the mother and the girl said that she was pregnant, and he is being driven out of the house.It is terrible when a mother (of course with the best intentions, she says) makes her daughter to have an abortion.

And then, when the parents themselves feel bad and it is difficult, they begin to demand something from the kids: help, care and love.I think that before the demand, it is necessary to give.And if you have the opportunity to help, then you need to do something!