Two of fate or one ?

«I am responsible for the fate of her child!" - A phrase I always scary and alarming.How can I be responsible for the fate?You can be responsible for the health, education, education, physical development, but not for the same fate!How can you decide someone's fate - to live life again, but do not have their own, and your child?Although, it is possible, of course, and so will only be happy if the child, and, in the future, and an adult?

There is one example - my old friend, with whom we meet occasionally met on the street, but do not live so far away in the past, even as it were, and friends.But, even then, in early childhood, this girl was different from us: we could walk, if you do the lessons, but not her.She had her chores, and even on Saturday she had to clean the apartment every week, and on Sundays, it seems, was a wash.

So, she walks especially did not work, and talk on the phone irritated her mother.Once we have, Group of girls, called once for her birthday, and then more in their house I vis

ited, it seems, we are saying today's language, did not pass face control.

And it took almost 30 years.We grew up the girl has no family, no children.But she has a mother who always something terribly ill, so much so, that does not want to go to the grocery store, while for things for themselves, new clothes, she always has the strength to walk, of course, accompanied by his daughter.He does not want and can not get out of this mom and the apartment, and also can not cook.Yes, oddly enough, it can!And spoon and fork in his hands properly held.Although it is good, but it would have had to feed her 3 times a day.

works my friend as an ox, from dawn to dusk, the nervous, responsible.But, really unlucky, so in all, - she gets for her by Moscow standards penny.These penny should be myself and put my mother-shod, buy food, and mother - to buy more drugs, but to pay for an apartment.

Long ago, she had a boyfriend, then my mother was still working, and the grandmother was alive, but something has not attracted the boy my mother at the right time, the right words, when some of their quarrel, my mother made her.The boy grew up and married a long time, but my daughter and sitting with her mother.Yes, I forgot, my mother does not want to - do not like to sit alone.While

daughter earns money, fear of loneliness mother pursues.But, is that leave to visit or take a walk, so after an hour or two - "fear" jumped on my mother, and she nazvanivaet daughter cell with the requirement to return home immediately.Another - and to heat food, it can not but have a desire to eat, so let my daughter turns home, wherever it may be.

But wherever you are and with whom you - this is the first question my mother, with every conversation.Clearly, it is foolish to say that even to find a lover and stay with him for the night is not an option for passing this poor, obedient can say to the daughter of honor - she meekly pulls his cart, no sighing, no complaining.

Outwardly my friend is quite an interesting woman, intelligent, well-read, yet looks younger than his years, and, despite everything, can joke.And I'm meeting her, all I think: that's nice to her mother arranged for her life, and decided the fate of her daughter, and she sometimes even thinks about itself daughter?What will happen to her daughter on, after her death?Alone to the very end?

Even her friends she does not, it never was nowhere to rest - each a vacation sitting at home with my mother.To go to a sanatorium or rest home her mother refused, and because my daughter had to sit in Moscow.

And I remember my mother, I am also not far from young.I just returned from work, she saw that her arm plaster - it is I did not want to worry about!It was on Friday, two days off, I stayed at home, and then ask what to do, how will you have?You will not be able to light the gas!And I get an answer, saying, and you give me a light the burner, and I will not have to set fire to it.

And very often, coming home in the evening, I was on the stove a pot of porridge-rassypuhoy.Mom, even being ill, I took off part of the home cooking.Here I am now grown up, I try never to forget his mother and mother of my friend.

summer there was a situation when her daughter decided to work a couple of months, and then to live with me in the country, it can not.Of course, I was not happy, I'm afraid to live alone in the country, and the fear that some come from childhood, like fear of the dark, and when at least you know that no one is in a dark room, and horror still takes.

A husband is not talking to me, she pressed her daughter, said that it deprives me of the opportunity to relax, to me that one would be hard and bad, and that the daughter simply has to live with me.Scandal after all that was noble ...

I had to tell her husband that the baby I do not owe anything!And if I'm a coward, and not very well, it is no fault here, the fate so ordered.A daughter has grown up, it should have its own life, and his work methods, then settle my daughter in my heart a sense of guilt, and even worse - hate me.And I did not want to.Everyone lives his life!His fate!My husband listened to my arguments, though not immediately, 2 months and my daughter worked, but on the weekend, when she wanted to, come with me to the cottage.