Three women

Three women lived in the same apartment.The oldest, Galina, recently turned 60 years old.Her daughter, Pauline, this year celebrated its fortieth anniversary, and the youngest, Aline, had just turned seventeen.

in the house have not been men, it seems, Polina was not even two years old when her mother drove drunk husband with instructions is no longer out of sight.In any case, the father did not see Pauline at all, even photo cards left.And talk about it mother refused once and for all.Galina without complaint he pulled daughter, working for two, working part-time, where possible.And all the exhortations girlfriends, it's worth trying to arrange life, always the same answer: "I'm in the house, even the spirit of men do not need to!Enough ate! »

difficult it was to judge, because for a short family life, she nearly landed on the treatment in the" loony bin ".This is when a drunken husband was trying to throw a small field in the window.Well, that lived in a communal apartment, and neighbors managed to

take the girl and call the police.And the candidates specific to Galina heart was not - frightened abrupt, categorical and categorical judgments.

Pauline grew in severity.Not that her mom too controlled or looked after, but the house was the law: written and point!Without discussion.A mother is right or wrong, it's left-overs.In any case, the very Galina-righteous no doubt: "Life is good does not teach.Still have time to sip dirt »

After school, Pauline went to college and fell in love with the first course, so that really has lost his head - like a broke free.The mother was horrified: shouting, cursing, but with all of this late - Fields already expecting a child.Anton came to ask permission to marry, scared but determined.By the way, they lived well together.In-law he tried to earn money, where he could, but still, now in Galina neck already had three consumers - students have to finish my studies.They lived hard, but murmur against fate Galya did not know how, but little Alinka delighted everyone.

trouble has come unexpectedly, and, by the way, does anyone of us waiting for trouble?Once Anton did not return home in the evening.Pauline did not sleep all night and in the morning came from the police: Anton knocked down drunk in a car, it's almost next to the house.So they were three.Pauline withdrew to their trouble, and only a small daughter could get her a little smile.

years passed, grew up the baby, an old grandmother.Pauline have long worked with the prestigious firm and earn a lot.She had a man to Alinka he treated with kindness, and Pauline was beginning to think about a new marriage.But here Galina stood wall.What did she say how admonished, what arguments played a role - it is difficult to judge, but a new family did not take place.

Polinin each tried to insist, persuade, but she did not dare go against her mother and once again try their luck.Two incomplete year of married life, when the house mother was the mistress more than they are with Anton, Pauline did not understand what it is - family, marriage.Resolutely she never was, and Anton loss completely crippled her.Yes, and how to disobey his mother when she gave them all his life with Alink ?!

Galina often repeated: "Is it bad to us three?Well, why are the men in the house?We do all know, we have just made yourself!In addition to grief, the men in this house did not bring anything! "Pauline and agree, and no, but was silent, out of habit, not knowing how to argue the mother.

Alinka grew spoiled, pampered.All unspent love my mother and grandmother turned to her.Capable girl, and at school she studied somehow - she was not interested.But soon I learned to spin in front of a mirror and change clothes.Grandmother sometimes joked that grows "woe to the men."And goodbye Alinka run started early - disco, party, refresh and the wind in my head.All grandmother rigor ends where started granddaughter.

Alina returned everything later, cosmetics became more and more, and then there was the smell of alcohol, cigarettes.My mother and grandmother became alarmed, tried to forbid something, what to hear: "Come on, you look at yourself!I do not want to live life like you, no one needs!I myself know what to do! "- And did not come overnight.Heavy night held a mother and daughter at the window, waiting for Alina.

Galina recalled his life: fear of the possible death of the baby, wild drunken husband scene, poverty, because he drank away all that came to hand.Was it love?That she could not remember.She knew only that all her life she had hoped only on themselves - no one else.Well, I do not believe it is in love, or in the fact that someone could be her support and protection.Therefore there was one ...

recalled Pauline Anton, short happiness flashed as if he had never been.They really did not have a family, because the house did everything and decides mother, strong and confident.She earned money by allowing her daughter to continue her studies in-law, sitting with Alink, and seemed to continue to educate all three.But my mother was right, that forced to finish my studies, which did not give raskisnut.And now she has grown old, and how it was possible to arrange his personal life, knowing that she would be alone?She's in such a debt to the mother.

And in the morning came back Alina, lubricated with cosmetics, smell the wine, tired circles under the eyes: "Well, you can not sleep?Get used to it, I'm an adult and I want to live as I want!Here you are intelligent, noble, honest, decent!And how do you live?In our house even holidays do not happen - the three of us are sitting.I want to be happy, I want to have my family was love!I want my husband was!Present!What you have given me in my life?What have you taught me?What is the main thing - to learn, then work, and there, as there will be?And I do not want to wait, as there will be!I myself want to put down!And if I'm going to sit at home, you will stay as you are, lonely old aunt!You loser, and I want to be happy! »

She slammed the door of his room, leaving the two women sitting at a table in the same silence, in which they spent the night.What could they tell to your loved one, your girl about personal happiness?They themselves about it knew nothing.