How to educate and grow the Princess ?

So, continuing the theme raised in the article: ¬ęGlamorous cannon fodder" or Princess?, we come to the conclusion that co-education of boys and girls - not the best idea.Some may not agree, seeing the infringement of rights, gender discrimination, and so on.etc etc.But that's why it is women who have suffered as a result of such egalitarianism?And the fact that the current generation of teenage girls called discordant words and is a confirmation of this unpleasant fact.

Men and women have different feel, different thinking, different attitudes to all the phenomena of life.Educate need men and women, it is the difference of psychological perception, and not on the basis of "the difference in mental development" (a typical approach chauvinists men).Therefore, the school should be divided into male and female high school, and the sooner this happens, the sooner resolved a lot of unsolved issues today.And do not say that, they say, "the forbidden fruit, known to sweet"!Nobody is talking about prohibitions

, in the current situation of total permissiveness return to strict ethical taboo is also not succeed.

The idea is to educate girls, both girls and boys, boys, and do not expose them to hormonal overvoltage, which is inevitable when a lot of adolescents are going in the same room.Note: psychologists and educators offer a "train" of methods for education and training of children of preschool age.But teenagers no one does, there is no technique like Montenssori.There is only one - the pursuit of the exam scores that have long been in business for teachers.

Then what to teach?

But the division - that's not all.The most important thing, which is to study the student - is himself.Both girls and boys are equally should, above all, how to know themselves and learn self-management, goal setting, development of their abilities.It is because they do not teach how to control hormonal tornado, adolescents and frustrated.That's because they do not learn to know themselves, they go to the maximalism, the protest and denial.

The ability to control himself - the key to solving many problems.For example, many would say that if you divide the boys and girls, in that moment, when it will be finished school starts this! .... Oh, yes, there is nothing more dangerous than a teenager, to break free after strict supervision.But you know, if during all the years of training the girl will say that the animal nature - it's just part of it, and not the most important, and most importantly - it is humanity, personality, and at the same time teach the girl self-esteem and self-control, then no"IS! ..." is not going to happen.The same goes for boys.

three components of education Princess

So Modern Princess can not be brought up by the standards of past centuries, but current methods are categorically not suitable.But it is fine three components of education: respect, self-knowledge, self-control.You see, today's girls are not taught to respect their own femininity, and so they are scattered at an early age.By the way, men have lost much more in this situation: for example, disposing of the female essence, they have deprived themselves of the opportunity to meet his Juliet.Therefore, I would like to just read the fathers of daughters of this article.

Anticipating a lot of questions and doubts, I will say that I have solved this problem with her daughter, defining it as a teenager at home schooling.Just quit her job and became involved with it myself, when I'm tired of fighting with an ineradicable evil of the modern school.We studied not only school subjects, but also psychology, methods of self-monitoring, goal setting, and other things that, hopefully, will help her in the future to solve the problems of life.Well, mathematics and did not succumb to us.Nothing, I lived without it, and it (the future physician) live.