Parental authority in the family

has long advocated the so-called free education when the child does not hold back and let him do whatever they want, with the good intention of his expression.Interestingly, the propaganda of this technique is most often heard from moms who have just started to implement it, and has not "survived" to the adolescence of their child.But during the transition period they will hideous surprise - a serious deterioration in relations with children.Not young mothers need to ask confirmation of the effectiveness of free education, and those who came with him to the age of the mature person in the child.

What is parental authority?

lack of parental authority - this is a gross error in education that can lead to catastrophic consequences.Accustomed to permissiveness child become uncontrollable during adolescence, and it does not go in his favor.Young parents refer to the fact that they are, they say, parents crushed his authority, and they do not want their children was the same.But where they will take leverag

e in the period when the teenager manages perfectionism and rejection of adult authority?If the child is accustomed to from an early age that the opinion of the parents, their requests, you can safely ignore the instructions, that it will stop a teenager from such errors, which can be simply fatal?

Therefore, parental authority - is, above all, the safety of the child.And if you think that you can not suppress a child, to think about the meaning of "authority".This trust, open communication, contact.Again, the three pillars of pedagogy, which we discussed earlier.

not necessary to consider the credibility, as repression.Think of it as a proximity based on trust.And it brought only in early childhood.Therefore it is necessary not only to develop the child's mind, but also to look for techniques that will set you in touch with him, to win his position and trust for years to come.

Do not forget that children are in their teens frustrated with parents.Imagine how they will relate to you, if you are already in early childhood, they did not recognize your authority?

Who are you - friend or foe?

Another mistake, which in recent decades is the most common - is the development of mind and different talents to the detriment of the development of the ability to communicate with the outside world.A parent is required to provide the child with all the necessary tools of life in society.And do not dance, sports, science teach this.If you give the child in the section of figure skating, it will not teach him to communicate with peers.Section learned to put goal and achieve it, it's - yes.But this child is not learning how to stand out from the society, be yourself.He excludes himself from society, in opposition to him.

This little thought.And, meanwhile, the psychology of communication need to start learning before the alphabet and multiplication table.Teach the child to live in harmony with the environment, without losing its own unique personality - it is more important than to develop his abilities in mathematics.Therefore, we must pay more attention to how relations between your child and the environment.

We make a mistake when you do not take seriously their problems, even small children to communicate with other children and adults.We touches fights and insults.We do not teach them how to get out of the conflict, how to understand other people, how to establish contact with the children.And in order to teach the child, it is necessary first of all to teach him self-control and reduce their own selfish manifestations.

Now many believe that being selfish is not dangerous because all use it.This is nonsense, all should be the measure.Neegoistichen one who is self-assured and sympathetic to the concerns of other desires.That's the unselfish - an excellent basis for a happy life of your baby.