The ideal mother

For all our social change, and we did not notice the change most important thing - motherhood.Moreover, it changed not only the mothers themselves - changed attitudes towards them have changed their social status.Now it's working on concurrently, and women are often on the brink of the impossible between natural instinct and the requirements of society.

ideal mother - is the one that gives your baby everything it needs for growth and development.Parent function is related to nutrition, warmth and security - is at the biological level.But only women know what motherhood from a psychological point of view: fear for her child is born with it, and never fails.This is the eternal emotional dependence, which can not be overcome, because it is on the level of instinct, to which is added More and intellectual knowledge of reality.And, of course, peace of mind of a child is not gaining.

Mother authority

mother's authority is always based for the child is the fact that it guarantees his safety by their presen

ce.It protects the child from the outside world safely, and, of her shield - it is love.This is not the pathos of this simple fact: the child is sensitive to the mother's emotional state, they sound in unison.Next to mother the child never feels lonely and abandoned.Next there is a mother and child is formed within the emptiness he feels helpless.

And give the kid in kindergarten.He was crying he abandoned, defenseless.Adults say: "Nothing will get used!" Of course, get used ... to be abandoned and lonely.He is ill in kindergarten not because of all the sick in kindergarten.The immunity of the child depends on the mother's proximity.It is a blend of biology and psychology, which can only be between a mother and child.

If the mother provides child protection, then it will use the authority until the end of days.She - the perfect mother.At the same time The security engenders trust.And because this is the perfect mother, which the child trusts totally and unconditionally.From all this it follows that, just being next to a child, a woman can be a mother.


modern world and now women want to make a career, and to gain family happiness.Life on a schedule, where motherhood is allocated forty minutes in the morning and two hours in the evening.This evening 2 hours - is to prepare homework with the indispensable exhausting hassle.Oh yes!Still there is a weekend!One category of mothers with the output uses to "rest" in the get-togethers, and the other "rest" behind the mountain of household chores.In any case, the child in the same output given 2 hours 40 minutes a day.

To clean conscience write children in various circles and sections.The bigger, the better.The child will not have time to feel that he was just thrown, and the mother will give an excellent excuse: she also works hard to pay all these circles and sections.This is called - to educate a child.Interestingly, somebody already determined by the statistics of practical value of this "study circles" working for the future of the child?

This is the usual way of the usual modern family.Somebody already found where the routines of life lies security and trust?I also did not find.But these are two factors that form the authority of the mother, and a woman make a real mother.