How much is parental love ?

father left us with my mother when I was five years old.I did not understand anything, except that the Pope will now come to visit, not to live with us every day.Mom secret from me often cried, but never the pope did not scold.And when he came on the weekend, we sat at a table together, had dinner, and then he took me for a walk.Mom silence wore on me a beautiful dress, and each time told me to behave well and listen to the Pope.

I remember how we went with Dad to the zoo and rides, strolling in the park and eating ice cream.And he sometimes bought me candy.Dad was a holiday, and I loved him very much.And my mother was every day.She scolded me for the toys scattered, forced to learn the letters and did not give a long time to watch TV.Sweets were just after a meal and not as tasty as the daddy.

And then I grew up and tried to persuade parents to live together.Mom said that I did not climb in adult cases, and that the Pope himself had gone away, and she was not chased away.And Dad just laughed - he alr

eady had another life.

Another dad sometimes led me to his home, and even acquainted with some women.However, a woman for a long time he did not linger.After a while, instead of the familiar, I found another, then a third.Some I liked, others - not so.When I asked my dad why he had no wife, he joked again, said a lot of women, and he did not choose the best.

As time passed, I grew up and realized that my good, hilarious dad just a womanizer who loves all women and is constantly in search of adventure.So they parted with his mother - he found another.Dad often said that you need to enjoy life, to seize the moment, enjoy the fact that there is, and not to take on the extra problems.

In adolescence, it seemed to me that he is absolutely right.We often quarreled with his mother, who taught me responsibility, independence, seriousness and all the time kept saying that it is impossible to live a moth because near - real people who are so easily hurt.But my father's philosophy of life I was more to their liking.

Then I did not understand that occasional meetings with me my daddy to protect themselves from child support payments.Only many years later I learned that my mother abandoned them on the condition that it will be all the time to communicate with me.She wanted me to not feel the loss of a parent, and was sure that Dad I still love.For the same reason, it did not come out longer married.But my dad married a few times.And I had brothers and sisters, which for some reason he never mentioned.

scandal broke, when I was in the senior class.I wanted a new computer.I began to ask my mother, and she said that there is no money.I demanded, but my mother just shrugged.Then I said that if it is so, I ask my dad.My mother did not answer, went to her room.

I went to visit my father and from the doorway began to complain to the mother and ask him to buy me a laptop.The response stunned me daddy.He grabbed the phone, dialed our room and began to utter his mother for what she unleash me on it.He shouted that he has fulfilled his obligations, and he has photos and evidence that he is 10 years participated in education.And it has certified paper, which she refused alimony!That is, he owed nothing to anybody, and so we did not dare demand anything from him, it's insolence.And so on ... Then he broke off the conversation and told me to go home.

And then at home mom told me how his father begged me not to leave, because I was melenko and loved him very much.And for this she refused alimony and at his request to sign a paper that says that he allegedly gave her the full amount towards my upbringing to adulthood.Mom then was ready to sign anything because I became nervous, did not sleep, cried all the time and called dad.

For me it was not that blow, but what is wrong.I was torn between his love for his father, but I was very sorry for my mother, and I believed her.I suddenly thought that in addition to the zoo, ice cream, candy and inexpensive toys dad I've never bought anything, not given, and did everything Mother: dressed, fed me, took out at sea, mugs and paid all my entertainment.She has always worked hard and come too late, and I have accused her that she does not care for me, but only dad finds time to chat with me and take a walk.

After the incident, I did not see Dad for a long time.First, tore to go out there, such as an explanation, but remembered his face and one of his telephone conversation with his mother, when he shouted that he did not have anything to anyone, he had to sign a paper there, I realized that I had nothing to say.He completely stopped calling and coming.

Then I once happened to see him in the city with a young woman, as I understand, another wife, and with them was a small child.So my entire life passed without his participation.I graduated from university, married and buried my mother.She quietly faded away, suddenly, at once ill, no one complaining, she passed away just three months, without seeing her granddaughter.

It was another time, and my father showed up.Rather, he received a summons to court.I did a long time to figure out what's what, and when it came, it was explained to me that my father was sued for child support.He retired, and believes that his children should now contain, to the standard of living has not deteriorated.And, as I have learned, such a claim he has filed, not only to me but also to the other two abandoned their children.

Then I saw with my own eyes that the paper on which I told my mother that, allegedly, the father paid her a certain amount of my education forward, and it is, therefore, waives alimony.And a few more pieces of paper, written by my mother's handwriting, that it has no claims.His father was shaking and these papers are very pleased to prove that he was involved in the upbringing, and that kept worrying about the future.

It turns out that even when he was throwing family and me a little, he was already thinking about how it will otsuzhivat alimony.When I told him that he's, in fact, did not pay the money, he quickly said that I did not prove it, and the paper is.It was disgusting.He was particularly well-groomed face, rubbing his hands and a full satisfaction in this situation.He has always stressed that doing everything according to the law and has the right to support, as he is now retired and needs.

I do not mind the money, but I can not still understand what is in the mind of my father, as he had previously even thought of, of any rights in question, since he left me and two children at an early age?!And it did not occur to help keep kids.Moreover, he speculated on my mother's love and desire to protect me from stress after their divorce.And he, a "practical" quickly realized the situation and used to the maximum benefit for themselves.

My husband said that it is better not to mess with him and agree on child support to avoid complaints, but for me, so it's best that money to an orphanage to give, orphans than him.But this is not all, my, I may say, Daddy, realized that my husband and I live well financially.Now he writes (!) I was writing, keeping a copy, in which he complains about the hard life and helplessness, and asks me to take him to live!It

me no court do not make!Let one lives as he wants.All my life I have lived for yourself, a loved one, for his pleasure, not thinking about anyone, so let and survives - about it when no one wants to think not!

I worry that's why he got into the habit to come to us and to flirt with my daughter.She wears her some trifles, candy, is calling for a walk and so on.When I forbid, my daughter is offended, and even had once said that a good grandfather, and I have it for some reason do not like.A father to expel or deny come I do not dare ... What to do?