How to become a perfect mother?

Among all the madness of the modern educational system completely unexpected was the approval of new standards for preschool education.It is part of the new "Law on Education".According to these standards childhood - a state of self-sufficient, and normally it is the quality of joy, play, creativity, communication.

now kindergarten should not perform educational function of the school.He must create all conditions for creative expansion, interaction with society and to be happy in the first place.And in the same document openly states that it is impossible to turn preschool age in the preparatory stage to the school.Finally, someone has decided to return the children to childhood!

mother or teacher?

Somehow, it has now become fashionable to give children in different clubs and schools almost from the cradle.Mothers play Pygmalion, sculpt his "Galatea", and so compensate entirely clear, even sharp feeling that they are not quite good mothers.You can usually hear the following: "I work as a curse, so t

hat my son had a better education, so that he was allĀ»

Hence, the modern ideal mother, sacrificing everything for the sake of her child - is the one thatfrom the cradle begins to form, and form, constitutes tirelessly.Mugs, clubs, schools, tutors, training courses ... The question of happiness for some reason does not rise.Now you rarely hear the phrase: "If only you were happy, son."Mom already knows that happiness and education - the words are synonyms.Only here for some reason, a legion of single young people who are unable to start a family, to live in the family, growing from year to year.

Mom - each

Of course, times have changed, social criteria as well.But one thing remains unchanged: the most valuable thing a mother can give to her child - is to teach him to be happy.In our time with mom - is more valuable than one of everything.But how to combine the most important role, and work, without which it is also quite impossible?And whether it is possible, working, be a perfect mother?

Perhaps, after all, it is theoretically possible.The most important thing is not how much time you're talking heart to heart with your child, but how the unseen, the trusting this conversation.

Moms-teachers have no idea what is really at the heart of their children, what they dream, what they want, what to fear.Moms-friends will always react immediately to the slightest change in your child's mood.Moms-teacher set for the implementation of their own ideas about the future of the child.Moms-Friend help the child to find his own path to happiness.

How to become a perfect mother?

Recall how to begin your evening at home?With the question: "You learned to do?", And subsequent refinement of estimates and behavior.Are you interested in learning.The child is not interested.But they say if you train yourself and child to ensure that he can be trusted with his school life, it really starts doing well on their own.

ideal mom each night to ask how was your day, what's new, interesting, how are his fellow classmates, with whom he met today, etc. .. That is, my mother will ask the child about it.

ideal mom each share with the child's interests: it will listen to his favorite music and not to wince at the same time.It will invite his friends home for tea.It will be together with the child to go to the cinema on his favorite movies.It will tell the child different funny stories from his childhood, and this show, she trusts him.She will not laugh when a child tells you about his first love.

And most importantly - it will create all conditions for the child to be happy, that his existence was harmonious and protected.You can prevent this work?Can.But the ideal mother always choose her child, not a career.Nature has arranged everything so that, if the mother chooses a career, not a child, one day she is reaping the bitter fruits of their choice, because no mother has not spared remorse and regret for their mistakes in education.