Grandson of my Lenka !

Today came my desire to tell some stories about my beloved grandson, the little boy is absolutely amazing, very extraordinary, just unusual.Imagine a funny boy with hard and thick bright red, curly hair on the head smyshlёnoy.The little man, he is just wonderful - beautiful and, in addition, very clever.He's an avid sportsman - taekwondoist and "walrus".She is a student in the second grade, and in addition all the honors pupil.Any conversation with him just unique.Believe me, honestly, I do not compose anything.

know, I know - when reading the first lines you declare immediately that all of us, grandmother, shifted by love for their grandchildren.Well, I have to argue with you I will not.Of course, I will agree, this is true.And it's hard to explain our absolutely stunning condition: affection and admiration, which can be summed up in one, now the buzzword - "otpad".Words and emotions are not enough to describe the amazing ability to constantly surprise our grandchildren, and we love them endlessly.

only pity is that every day we are pleased and they are an example for life.How much time, attention and health away from their parents in order to achieve some advanced skills of their children.Who can argue?So it goes in life - every parent puts a part of himself, to get a decent result.And yet I am not about us, parents and grandparents.I really want to talk about today is about my grandson.

Even my school friend, being a witness to completely accidental meeting with my grandson, for quite a long time, she relished marked by observing him.

Usually my grandson advance warning: "And to no friends at our meeting.If I -. I "But on this day completely unplanned came to me my friends, just like a conspiracy.One change has arrived and immediately began to approach the other.Friends I have everything well, so cute: a face and a soul, and my Lenka immediately forgot about their demands on the intimacy of our meetings.

and started our endless, hot conversation.Leon helped everyone coming to undress and was personally involved in laying the table.When all was ready, he is, so that we do not interfere, sat quietly watching TV, managing at the same time very gently we serve: bread filed, missing fork napkin or spilled beer.As if I were not with us, but the sensitivity and care of the gentleman did not lose.When any of us ended up beer, neck felt it and then have time to fill up, one eye staring at the TV.

- Oh, wow!- All I admired then my girlfriend.- When he poured the last bottle, all poured on half a glass, and you, beloved granny, vsklen, and even waited until all the drops in the glass is not glass, and only then put the empty bottle under the table.After completing this process, it is clearly satisfied with himself.Then he again looked at you with so much love, which God forbid each and every one of us, flashing glasses and bright expressive freckles finally realized - free.

- And what is it, a serious "cine" snout, and red hairs funny!- Enthusiastically supported it my second girlfriend.

- Oh, girls, and you notice what his sensitive, guiding opinion?- Replied the third.

- Wow - everything he did, everything is arranged, and, completely without tension, as if quietly, not looking up from the cinema and not interfering in our conversation ...

Personally, I certainly did not notice it.But their observations was very pleasant to listen to me.So, it is true, grandson loves me?I am happy, because from all noticeable.Unfortunately, we always still aggravate and few believe that the need and loved.So we are, grandmother, arranged, and I am no exception.

this, most history and reminded me a girlfriend when I was in great doubt its "usefulness" for both children and grandchildren.In many such cases.Especially when you remain in the life of one.I do not want on their sorrows.Now - just about the magic of immeasurable sense of the joy of communicating with their grandchildren, who are able to renew our lives.And for what else it more expensive?

Well, my friend, glad my grandson, once remembered his.She told me with admiration about the case of repair, what surprised me at least:

- We did very bright and vesёlenkoy room granddaughter, which is still only just gone to the first class.The walls are covered in different colored wallpaper.They are in the same tone as painted in different colors and the furniture in the nursery.All were satisfied with the notion grandmother.And then came the grandson, looked around the room and said admiringly:

- Oh, great!- Then, head down, painfully uttered:

- What a pity that our house is not flowing sea ...

- Why do you need it?

- I would imagine also asked for repair.

first we did not understand, but then, exchanged glances and realized: this is it with goldfish held association.His grandmother immediately involved in his game:

- And for me, what else would you have asked for fish?And he answered without hesitation:

- Life!

- What did he mean?- I asked a girlfriend.And from her answer I have for some reason the body goose bumps.

- Yes, probably all.Our "nezhitё" with her husband, his grandfather, and much of what we have in the family is not so.In short, everything about what I was in charge of only one ...

Lord, well, from what they are adults and clever ?!

... Once I "on leave" brought his grandson along with chess and roller skates.And we had collectively decided as follows: first dashed off till you drop, and only then take for all other activities.

- The people!- A grandson to me for so unassumingly calls - A skating at us alone.Who was the first rush?

- Of course, I - I answered him without thinking twice - otherwise tired to run after you, and then no longer be able to climb up the skates.

He looked at me and, you see, believed:

- Good, but, mind!Personally, do you long skate.

I rolled, and he ran after me.To him it was not a particularly boring, I offered to go to sing something and immediately tightened:

- «At that the highway at the intersection is no longer necessary pain-she-s ...»

hear suddenly:

- Stop!Stop!Lyudka, what do you sing ?!

- I do not like the song unfashionable.

- And what if we sing?

- At least - "Wind blowing from the sea ...»

We immediately, rushed forward, without any command and rehearsals screamed as sliced: - "Wind blowing from the sea, with the sea breeze blowing ..." - and rushed themselveslike the wind.After finishing the song, I again began to repeat the first verse.Overtaking, grandson looked into my eyes and shouted:

- Luda, the song came to an end!I do not like the same thing to sing.You sang or another, or if it is better to take off the skates.In short, get some rest.Say, are not you tired?

- I have to say, not tired, but happy to run after you.I lose weight from this process will not stop.

- Lud, and you just do not be offended?

- Well, of course not.Quickly change shoes!What song we sing now?

- You know, choose itself.I rush so fast that you have to sing along.

After some time, I'm calling your golden granddaughter:

- How are you, dear?What are we doing?

- Baba Valya me a book to read.

- have called me.I think I can do no worse.

- Oh, Lud!What I say?Ha-ha-ha!Yes, you should only take a book in hand, eyes closed as directed by you.

- So much to read, as you know how to listen, only the robot will be able to.Yes, and that's probably from fatigue exactly zakemarit.Or am I wrong?- And we are both laughing together.

- And then what are your plans?- I ask him.

- Then we'll go to the Vale, she will wash the floors.

- So be it, allow yourself to be invited to visit the Valais - I say.- On the floor, I managed well.

- Oh, Luda, you say what?You do everything in one minute.And Valya - with feeling, really, with the arrangement.She can not be in a hurry.

- Look, Lenka - I was beginning to wonder - maybe even do not have any positive qualities in me?

Not for a second did not hesitate to report to his grandson:

- Why - is.

- What?- I Ask him curiously.

And then suddenly he produces:

- Lyudochka, you live next to the parking lot, and it is oh, so even comfortable!The car is, where to put, and most importantly, it is the same to you and repair, and even the wheels will change.

I'm right there, is said to have disappeared.This reply I could not foresee.I expect anything but that!Well, no way!And what can I contradict him - iron logic.Against this argument, as the saying goes, do not trample.Deep breath.But, after all, what did I with his eyes?Ah, why dwell?My boyfriend!And our sense of humor - a firm, non-standard.Especially not become upset:

- Okay, I get bored - call.

- Lud, and what to call?Come to me.All together to Vale right now and go.

- Indeed.Why not come ?!You know, my dear friend, how are you always right.Wait, come!

- Ur-ra!The people, the whole!I look forward to!Till!

There was such we have with him the phone incident.I called - I invite to my grandson:

- You recently visited me not.Lessons - learned, but without you I no TV there is no one to repair or wind the watch.Everything, everything, well, literally everything in my house without you is out of order.

- Lude, but I still do not know how the TV repaired.

- It's time to learn, my friend.Dad you still can.Pay close attention and you ...

- you know, people, I have something eyesight was upset again.I was advised to exercise tennis.

- Well?- I ask.

- workout.So my eyes are quite scattered.

Listen, people, and maybe my eyes fell on all your "disorders is"?The last time you all established - that ruined his eyesight.

Like, seriously said ... My heart and sank.

- Oh, my grandson, you did not scare me.So, I'm to blame for all your "disorder"?

- You know, the people, perhaps I have a different phase.I was not in the socket and inserted upside down.

Here we're both with him and rolled with laughter.Nahohotavshis fill, he told me in an adult, it is solid, said:

- I think I'll find time and will come to inspect your problem.So be it.Who will help you more?

- Waiting for, dear.Already the new year has begun and it just need to start your new business.I Love!Kisses!And always I wait!

... One day I went to the hospital.In order to somehow pass the time, he tied a cute sweater with stripes of strings very vesёlenkih colors and with a very unusual cut.To this was added more and takes the same color.Literally everyone - both physicians and patients, has been like this unusual outfit.In the House we lay all seven and whoever went to us, expressed their enthusiasm for my imagination.(By the way, after some time, this is my work passed to the regional review of applied art.)

I was waiting for a meeting with his grandson to give him the surprise.Six months later, he had had to go to the first class - to be sure, an adult man.And so he came to me.I, handing him his "work of art" and advance anticipating his enthusiasm, I ask:

- Well, as you like it?Wear will be?

His answer me honestly, discouraged:

- Luda, of course, like.Of course, I will wear ... but very rarely.

What can I say?I just calmed down, even a little drenched with tension.

- And why?

- Well, Luda, do not you see?Because ... because ... it is very bright.

I think he spared me, did not explain about the difference in taste - I guessed myself about this.

... It took a while, approaching the end of the second class.I was going on holiday to Spain.Came before the departure seem grandson doing on his head the whole work of art.My "hairdo" consisted of no less than five colors.In short, not the head, and a rainbow.Any self-respecting barber would envy my skill and ingenuity.All my friends appreciated and gave the highest score.

I downright, into itself in love.As for the daughters in law - I do not want to hide, we with it are completely different tastes, though our relationship to this, by no means, do not become worse.She somehow managed to take me to my "quirk", or, to put it differently, features.

So, I went into his new-fangled "outfit", and my friend and grandson looking at me, it was already opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly stopped.Install a fairly long pause.

- Well, I look?- Do not stand, but with dignity, I asked.

- Um ... - spoke my Lenka.- You want to say what's on your mind?

- Naturally.And I do not even want - a thirst!

- You - super!

I, of course, immediately and melted.So it blossomed into a smile reminiscent of a rainbow on my head.From the heart I once relieved.Still - grandmother passed the exam, passed still strict commission.

- Do not doubt that you will manage to estimate!

- Luda, of course, what's on your mind - super, super but, in a sense - superuzhzhzhasno!I'm just so from his face and slept the whole.

- What is it?- I asked a small voice.

- I only remains to rejoice that we have the end of the school year, and you can not come to me at school.And it's great - you got there, no one can see this ...

To this I told him so:

- Well, I do not, my friend, of all that thou hast said, I remain with only the word "super".And here is how it sounds right, then here, as they say, "foreigners will help us."Spain - a country of advanced and, I assure you, it will be a high score!

grandson shrugged and did not answer me I said.Funny yet he's a man ... or a very serious?

... One day my grandson with me playing badminton at the age of just over five years, without being distracted from the game by accident innocently asked:

- Lud, and you have what nation?

's really I asked, so ask!He has handed the ball, as they say.I'm not stopping the game, and not expressing his surprise, without delay sent him to retaliate and said:

- Jewess.And you have?

To this he replied in the same manner: without blinking, reflected the impact:

- I am an Englishman.

wonder from whom he is heard?Do you understand what he said?Clearly not.Who is he brought in his Count the nationality?Personally for me it still remains a mystery.I note that since the first grade, he made friends with the English language.He was, he somehow immediately found it interesting.And recently held a telephone conversation with him confirmed it.

In short, I call.He picks up the phone and immediately reports that the lessons he has complete and it is all there.His home in different places scattered: Mom on the market, a grandmother who Valya, Artyom, his brother, walks, and my father, as always, at work.

- Darling, I feel sorry for you!- I sympathize with him - even on Sunday you are mired in these exercises.Hurry since you got married.However, because the wedding is better than these lessons?My soul aches for you.

- Oh, Luda, as I do not like those of your stupidity.Better lifelong learning.

course, I bit my tongue, and he immediately began to talk about a very intelligent boy in their class, which makes no difference that the English, that Russian, that math.

- And you would have chosen a subject?- With interest I ask.

- Yes, I'm not afraid of anyone, but would be better if they were all in English ... 67 ...

- Did not understand what that means - 67?

- You got me, Luda, just surprised.Do you think I'm talking to you, stop doing the lessons?Currently I solve equations with one unknown.


- 67 ... it will be ...

- You're on the calculator is that it decide?

- Well, no really, I'm on it verifies.

- Well, now, Gaius Julius Caesar.

- Bye, bye.

- Kiss!

- Kiss, kiss ...

- I like!

- Love, love .. 38 ... this is ... this is ... I'm sorry, Luda, I kiss you, but my mother will come soon, and I need to call it a day sooner.

Among other things, our Lenka can be terribly economical and gets great pleasure from this.Immediately after the end of the first class, I decided to make it a holiday.We went with him in a cafe with a strange name "Baskin Robbins" ice cream to taste.Seeing the price, my eyes almost out of their sockets did not come out.Of course, I mean not filed and tried to look dignified.Let my grandson sees - I "spelled out" in this institution and therefore not discouraged its prices.To be honest, I never had to look back.Serve ice cream consisted of three balls, and cost about 90 rubles.

- Wow!Yummy!- Licking ball, reported grandson.- The people, and will you be?

I shook my head.

- What, afraid to get better?

- Oh, Lenka, all my secrets you know.I have enough juice one over the edge.

- You know, Luda, I would have drank coffee.

- And you is not harmful?

- No, the folder I have repeatedly bought.

- So I do not mind.The coffee was coffee.

Suddenly grandson somehow especially carefully looked at me, something he has worked in there, and he asked the waitress:

- How much is coffee with sugar or without?