Conflict of parents and children, or our debts

conflict of parents and children - a phenomenon as old as humanity itself.Moreover, each of us involved in this conflict, alternately trying on two roles.First, we believe that the "ancestors" - a reaction, is not the best part of humanity, which does everything to hinder progress.After a few decades, we begin to think that young people present can not be a source of pride because of the laxity of manners and excessive demands.

adventurism against conservatism

would seem that it is not necessary to pay attention to this outdated conflict, while still puts everything in its place.But not so simple, and it is impossible to implement this postulate in life when it comes to his own child, who throws in your face ridiculous charges.

sages say that if you started talking about the fact that young people today are not that spoiled, it just means that you're getting old.You get plaque bigotry and conservatism, deny their own vices, pour dissatisfaction with life and even have the persistent feeling of envy

to the young, strong, handsome, in which all ahead.

Maybe it somewhere so.But that's not everything can be explained simply.For example, more and more often we hear that children evince excessive demands on parents.Financial requirements, to be exact.We were constantly receiving letters in which parents tell stories completely unimaginable.Reading them, you begin to wonder: are you really getting old, or is it in our youth is something wrong?Not so, because most of the logic does not fit into any framework.

Account to life

The theory is quite simple: "You parents, but because you owe us."At first glance, and you can not argue.Only here in the list of debts included some rather strange things.For example, one of my friends in complete disorder of feelings told the details of the last quarrel with his son, who is almost 20 years old.

He threw in her face, and her husband charged with that, they say, they tried not good enough to secure him the future.If they loved him and were good parents, I would have done everything possible to give a child of 'overseas' education anywhere in Oxford.After all, "they should be well understood that the Russian education - not a ticket to a better future."

salt "joke" is that my girlfriend - she is quite wealthy, and "baby" and never in no way needed.But not wealthy enough to send his son to study abroad.

Each letter, each of the stories about the requirements of a modern young parents can be entitled "No matter how much give - everything will be enough."A typical member of society, the logic of consumers.When it happened, and who was responsible for this?Again the parents?

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