Where such selfishness ?

Does each person entitled to their opinion?The first answer is almost always - certainly has!But whether he has the right to express their views on life and the decisions taken by his parents?And here the answers are usually very different.I belong to that part of the people that believes that the decision of parents is not discussed or evaluated.In his company - yes please!That is to bring their views to the parents, in my opinion, it is not necessary.

know, the harder and harsher upbringing, so, oddly enough, more than love and appreciate their parents.Do not say that is not so!Just try to remember the friends of the family, and the relationships that were formed there.You did not find any confirmation of my words, huh?

recently encountered in the yard with an old friend.Once only we have a great children's playground has been made in the yard, and people came to us with almost the entire region.That this woman before walking here with her only child - a daughter.I remember how they wanted another c

hild with her husband, but something went wrong.And suddenly I see her with a stroller, so even with twins.

say hello, and she frantically trying to remember how many years is now her daughter - clearly less than eighteen.And so cautiously decided to ask - who are to be congratulated with the addition of?"My husband and me.- She meets a friend, and suddenly began to cry.- God, I'm tired "" Of course - I answer, trying to comfort him, - it is difficult to have twins!But kids grow up fast, know yourself. ""Let not the case in children!Ilya and Polyusha - a golden kids, hassle with either one.My daughter, my eldest here the other day, my husband rolled scandal.- Sighed my neighbor.- We have not seen, and today just was not able to in his yard for a walk, all crying, I can not calm down.I have time?Maybe if reprimand, feel better? "What would I say?Do not listen to the weeping woman can not be!The time I had it, built a carriage with peacefully sleeping children, and themselves sat on the bench.

«My daughter have grown clever and beautiful, you have it now and do not know!How many years passed ?!However, clever - she was admitted to the Institute, and not simple, and the prestigious.About your age I do not want to remember, she can see, not a girl, but when my daughter was finishing Grade 11, it became clear that I was in a position, my husband was so happy, said, they say, come on, give birth if doctors and health allow.All went well and the babies were born healthy.Such is the gift I made to her husband for 40 years.

As I thought everything was fine, until yesterday.I'm home with the kids, the husband - works, my daughter - studying.Of course, money has become a little worse, I'm not working, my husband work related to tourism, and there is now, she know, not the best time.But we have enough, though!But my daughter said that we had no right to bring children, since it is always one and not enough money, and now, and in general - no new clothes, no rest she did not see.

And why all goes to twins - her more than necessary!She grew up and has the right to do, and we learn as she simply obliged to create her a decent standard of living, so what are all in their group.And another said that we, before even give birth to children, should have to think about it, not only do what we want.

She had ceased to do anything around the house.Now the daughter vacation, so she goes to bed at night 3-4, chatting on the phone, the TV worked, the music from the computer beeps.Please, turn off anything, very noisy.And she answered - I deserved vacation, I passed the session!If you go for a walk, then before midnight, the morning comes.And we also have another dog, gave her birthday in ten years.So it is when you open the door, be sure to bark.That has me sit and wait in time to time to boo him, to all non-barking woke.

What happened instead?After all was well until my daughter was a baby.And we go shopping together, and helping around the house, and shared secrets, but now, as just another person.What have I missed?Where?When? "- A friend talked and talked, fingers with close-cropped nails crushed and tormented already quite wet with tears handkerchief.

What could I tell her?What to say?In itself not the most unclouded relationship with her daughter-student - only this morning had a fight with her.So my daughter, instead of apologizing, took the image of injured innocence, and walks around the house with an inflated face.That's why I went to wander through the shops, and to the very cool, and think, and daughter give time to understand his mistake.

So, I not the adviser in matters of education, only compassionate listener who neither help nor change can not do anything.But really I want to understand what and where we, the parents, are missing in the education of our children?Why are they suddenly overnight become selfish, they allow themselves to judge the parents, and even so categorically?And demand, demand, demand, without giving anything in return!