You robbed me of all ... !

From the father of my son, we got married when he was fit to the hospital to gather, not in the registry.There was an ordinary story: we met, and quite "surprise" for him I was pregnant, and he assumed were completely different plans.And, looking at all his wandering and wailing, after hearing accusations and even accusations that I work up the baby, and I want to "hang" pribludysha his neck, it is clear that I did not feel any love.

But it is inhabited by the parents on both sides and literally forcibly made us sign.Two months later, I gave birth to a son, and we began to live happily ever after.Happiness was not, but, frankly, too much grief and experienced.Husband after the birth of an heir, little has changed, apparently, felt proud of procreation and family.

We have with him was a strange relationship: like under one roof, and strangers.I could not forgive him for what he had to dodge as much time and did not want to admit his son, and he could not accept the fact that he had to marry under press

ure.And we lived - only a child tied, so parents are not trying to give us a run in different directions.

And then I fell in love, so much so that she did not expect from him.The son was three years old, when I went on vacation to his parents and met his first, still love the school.After high school he entered the institution, returned home, and then went to the army.I whirled student life, and we imperceptibly parted.

And so we met.He was also a family and a daughter - a year older than my son.And somehow it is remembered and returned to its former sense in a time when we believed that we will all life together.

Of course, I understand that it is impossible to destroy two families, however, that my family was - well, one name!But to me that something had happened, I could no longer live as lived, as if emerged on the surface of the pool.Yes, and he also answered me in return.What it was a lucky month!More have I never experienced ...

to my departure, we have decided that we will together, so when he returned, I told my husband that I was leaving him.But the divorce was a difficult and long, and when it was all over, and I was hoping that's a little more, and I'll be happy with your loved one, a letter came from him.He wrote that he changed his mind a lot, weighed and found that he could not get away from his daughter, leaving her fatherlessness.So it was over, I began to live and raise a little son.

Antoshka grew docile and affectionate boy.My husband regularly paid child support, but no longer helped, almost no contact with the child, and we live was not easy.And very much like to be pampered son to nothing himself not considered defective.I worked hard, earned additionally, and Anton was all that and his friends even more.My personal life is not evolved, but I'm not particularly upset - we with her son was well and together.My husband is a long time married, they gave birth to a daughter, all he had was OK - she went into business and succeeded.

When Anton was studying in the final year, my husband began to show him more and more attention.He often touts his visit, he took with him on vacation, buying expensive gifts.I'm just glad it's impossible boy without a father.After high school, Anton went to college, and when he was eighteen years old, her husband stopped paying alimony and began to lend money directly to his son.

Anton more and spend more time with his father, when he came for the weekend, almost all the time spent in that family, and was home only to sleep.I tried to talk to him, but he was somehow pull, snap, did not want to say anything, even started to be rude.The money that his father gave him, I have not seen, and I have every visit Anton demanded money again.

Life does not change for the better.His needs were growing up, and my salary was small.And so I did not buy anything myself and ate modestly - all savings for him.Anton is not only appreciated this, but all the time rebuked, that he did not have enough money, that his classmates could not afford much, but he has to save the whole.When I mentioned to the money that gives the father, he said, that I am to this money have nothing to do, it is to his personal expenses.And my duty - to give him an education.

Then my father took Anton to rest abroad, and from there came the son of a stranger.He always annoyed when I turned to him, even looked like something was wrong with me.When he asked me to a new computer, I tried to explain that there is so much money that I already got a job yet another job that he did not feel deprived.And there was a scandal!

I've never seen his son so.He literally fought hysterically and screamed in my face that I was a bad mother, that I was mixed up with some guy, and because of a whim deprived of his father.When I began to argue that the father he is, loves him, and all these years I do not let them communicate, son with such hatred blurted out, "Because of your foolishness, because what you another man wanted to, you robbedI have a normal life!With her father's money I could have now all I want, but get the crumbs that remain to me from that family!I now would have the best of everything!And all because of you!I hate you! ยป

I have these words still sound in my head, before his death, they will not forget.Anton cried, I tried to calm him down, but talk we could not.When he fell asleep, I remembered how he grew up - a caring assistant, gentle and kind boy.I tried to do everything for him that I could, even more than that.Because it is no longer trying to arrange his life - the boy was afraid of her stepfather's house lead.And such an outcome ...

Then it was even worse.On weekends, Anton did not come home.I called his father and told that his son came to him, and it would be better if it ever will live with him.They came together and took things.With me they are not talking, Anton hid his eyes, and her husband was smiling.

For the third month, I do not see his son.He does not call and does not come, I do not call - I do not know what to say.Common acquaintances say that all satisfied with Anton and his father to the end of the second course promised to give him a car.

for his mistake, his failed attempt to love and to be happy I had paid in full.And his son in no blame - he is young, wants to live the beautiful and rich, but here, we can say, legitimate opportunity.Just as bad at heart - do not tell me words ... to return everything back!