" And you believed them mercenary hands ... "

When our family was born the third son, an old neighbor Dunya, mother of six children and grandmother of the whole company-grandchildren grandchildren, told me: "Rejoice, O Mother, in your house angels fly!".On this marvelous take the first time I heard of this unworldly and testing of women, and in his heart was proud of what she prophesied to me the angels at the birth of the baby.

And, indeed, after the words have reigned for some amazing calmness and tranquility.Granny Dunya, respecting my old mother's experience, occasionally gently prompted: "We do, Nurse, all worries.That laundry, the cooking, and he was silent, snorting, and can no longer breathe.Things happen.Looked so Listen, then, and the trouble will bypass the party.Angels are around the clock to protect your baby can not.They have other rebyatenka in line. "Everyday experience and observation of a simple peasant, all education which fit into three classes of a parochial school, helped not only herself but also her children, grandchildren,

great-grandchildren, nieces and their children, as well as friends and neighbors.

What's missing young mums, one stroke of the pen to enroll their children in the category of conscientious objectors?Today Neftegorsky District - one of the most advanced in the number of foster families, but empty children's bedrooms and classrooms and in the Center of assistance to families and children, where the Crisis Centre is located.These bring and lead children in families whose distress situation reached a critical point.

turns out that treason never-ending chain reaction?They still live in the present not learned, and they - a ticket to the "state house" to mom and dad feel at ease, and therefore irresponsible.Who and how to dispose of the life of this child?This was in the press and other media - a lot of terrible stories of their realism.

Recently, the eldest son spoke about how the whole family, they watched the movie "The Italian," which tells about the bitter fate of the boy's orphanage Vanya Solntsev and his persistent search for his mother.Painting and shook their grandchildren deeply.Not all, of course, Andrew and Artem - my grandchildren - were able to put into words, but I think this is not required.The main thing is that they understand - in their family will live a long time, and angels to protect their peace and well-being because there are father, mother, and even grandparents, aunts, brothers, cousins ​​and many other relatives all.Those filaments are bonded and kinship.That and the family kept.

Than stay and what to cling kids-refuseniks?Only in the native state and for the people, which is a state entrust their destiny and life.But if these, so to speak, people with special training, at its discretion, begin to dispose of another's fate and life, then these "professionals" categorically not be allowed to such a fine and vulnerable areas as children's ward, orphanage, children's home, rehabilitation center, boarding, daycare, school, college, college.So do not place near the nascent life.Let go lay asphalt, sweep the streets, clean drains, remove impurities.And where to breathe bad, close, and face, and mouth the same tape, so just do not hurt them to do the work.

Only hardly will replace these "specialists" profession and place of work.There will be the defenders and Vindicator, will be found, and strong arguments, for each such flagrant seen condoning their superiors, and it "shine" before the law and the court does not like.

And it's not about whether the perpetrators will be punished, it is a different story.Why it became possible abuse of the most vulnerable and helpless a part of our society?whether such cases are possible there, on the "decadent West"?Recently showed the story on TV about a small island in Canada, became famous in the sad and terrible days of the destruction of shopping centers in New York, the local airport was able to take about a hundred aircraft, flying from different countries in the United States.

So, the town mayor said that 30 thousand people in all three murders were committed in the last three years, several hooligan offenses, there was no road accidents, no drug addict.There are no orphanages because children left without parental care, find shelter in the homes of citizens.I listened to this and the mayor thought about our "lethal" statistics.And then in addition also the plot of the Sverdlovsk region.As they say, come.And by the way came to mind the line wise fabulist Ivan Aleksandrovich Krylov, we from school procedures forgotten.Let's remember:

Fathers and mothers!You fable this lesson.I told her no children apologies ... But if they grew apart from you, and you have entrusted their mercenary hands, if you do not blame yourself, What's in old age by them little joy to you?

Of those parents who have children drop out after the first hour of birth, there is no need to be sad.They condemned themselves.And that is what our government condemns himself when allowing to treat children as expendable and often unnecessary material?That is the question of questions.What joy awaits us all from neglect and betrayal, abuse and humiliation of the child's soul?