Being a young nanny - it's great !

once in my life there was a natural question: what to do to a girl 17 years old, recently graduated from high school and had just entered the university in absentia?Somewhere I heard that under such circumstances, get a job, and successfully combine work for the benefit of society with the necessary educational process.Now my time was quite enough, in addition to exploring the city to do something useful, and it is desirable to receive from this activity not only cash, but also fun.

Helped case.The friend of my son's mother was looking for for a good, intelligent and loving babysitter children.And, of course, my mother did not fail to tell about his daughter, right under the candidacy of these requirements, which, in addition, to pay and do not need much.

And now, after a couple of days I got acquainted with a cute boy four years, the owner of the light hair, big blue eyes and a snub nose.At the first meeting he behaved quite politely and made a generally good impression.The boy's name was Vlad, and h

e was "nedetsadovskim" child.By the way, as reported by the mother Vlad later, he called me in the evening "wonderful nanny", copying your favorite TV series.

I have successfully worked for half a year and I want to share my findings made with respect to work as a nanny, and note that you need to consider taking on a nanny job.Of course, that each case is special, but my personal experience - the good, so I have a number of arguments in favor of the younger nurse.

Dear mom and dad!If your family has come a time when, without a nanny for the baby can not do, confidently proceed with the search for a suitable candidate.First of all, ask friends: respecting people you never advise anything wrong, and if the nurse is found on the recommendations, and it is you want, the most familiar deserve great thanks.

If you could not find a babysitter through the familiar, do not despair, because you can use the services of agencies involved in the selection of nannies and governesses.But in this case, no one can guarantee that your nanny is responsible react to his work, it would be fair to carry out and, in general, it is suitable for your child and want you.

babysitting choice depends on the duties which she is required to carry out and on your requirements to the candidate.If your main goal - to prepare a child for school, home, and thoroughly, the teacher with experience (with higher pedagogical education and may already retired) approach, as well as possible.But with the nurse at the child may have problems communicating.

If your child is, to put it mildly, a difficult character, or hyperactive, the teacher-psychologist with experience in dealing with such children should easily cope with its task.But consider the fact that your child's class with a specialist will require considerable material costs.

If you are planning to find a babysitter, that would be fun and exciting to spending time with your toddler, then a responsible young girl, even without experience in pedagogy, fit well.But this does not mean that it does not have to teach a child something useful.

So, I taught the ward and write, read and do original articles with their own hands, and it was easier to accept new in game form.And anyway, I tried to give Vlad as much useful information.With whatever we encounter, even in the game, I will mention an interesting fact or event with examples from life.Gratitude for me was the wide-open eyes and mouth: in those moments, I realized: the child with me interesting.

was especially pleased when the next day the parents Vlad told how the evening son proudly showed them the knowledge obtained during the day.I was just glad that my education is beneficial.

Believe me, age is not a criterion for the selection of candidates for the role of the nurse.My age, on the contrary, helped to get closer to your child, so the child does not take me as an adult aunt demanding, and as a friend, helper, an accomplice of the game in the end.Fantasia let me down, and the child himself to invent something, and, drawing his game, I became very interested.Frankly, at that point the connection with my childhood, I have not lost, so knew what to wish my ward.

Of course, when choosing a babysitter is once again to think, before stopping at one or another variant.It often happens that the baby is easier to find common ground with the person who is with him "on the same wavelength", and the difference in age does not seem to be an abyss.But to carry out their duties, this person has a grown-up.It should be an example for the child to observe a certain distance, and not to indulge in any of his whims, otherwise savvy child just "sit on the neck of the nurse," and will not obey, finally taking her peers.

Another advantage in choosing exactly the young nanny is the fact that she did not need to pay a lot (of course, if she really appreciates his inexperience).I think, for most families, this question is quite relevant.

Before you chose the nurse will start to work, definitely take the time to communicate with her.To begin with ask her to tell a little about yourself - so that you can understand what kind of person in front of you.Find out not only what its attitude to children (especially since any exclaim: "Oh, I love a nice little kids!"), But also ask tricky questions, such as how it will go when the child began to "shoot" semolina fromspoons, playing at the table in the war games.

Do not forget to describe in detail her baby.No point in it only to praise, let the nurse know and negative aspects of his character, to think in advance the behavior.Tell us what the child likes to play, that is able to do, and be sure that he categorically refuses to do or can not.If you meet all the answers, and the common contact is found, the check will be - and whether the nurse is suitable for your child?

Introduce nurse with the baby, let them talk a bit.Knowing your child, you will feel immediately liked him a new aunt or not (and if she is young, beautiful and cute smiles, sympathy is probably already deserve).If preliminary acquaintance were successful, details tell the nurse about her responsibilities and show where all the objects and things that may be useful during your absence, because anything can happen.

So, one day, my ward was ill and I had to take him to treatment measures.The first thing I did - called his mom.At that moment, I felt a huge responsibility for the health and safety of Vlad, because as long as the parents are not around me, and no one else, it depends not only mood but also health.I hid the baby a warm blanket, brewed tea with lime and NAPO Vlad, not forgetting the raspberry jam.Further treatment his son was engaged already hurried home mom.

following that in any case should not lose focus - phone numbers that you can find.I had to call often at first.Once Vlad wanted to eat pancakes.I had to call my mother and ask, firstly, for execution of the resolution of desire, and secondly, to learn the recipe of cooking.In the end I managed, and all left full and happy.

Daily asked the kid, he spent the day with the nanny than with doing what's new learned.In my case, my mother wanted to meet her baby is well fed and happy, with a look of telling a new poem, then boasted crafts, and finally to count from 1 to 10 in the "pure" English and thus acted according to the rules of etiquette.

From the first days you will understand - there is contact with the nurse at the child or not.You can compare the daily "reports" the nurse and the baby - this is a very effective way to find out, how was your day actually.If a child is not a liar, and his attitude to the new Aunt seriously, fictional stories told are not in favor of the nurse, they will be excluded.With all that said, and the child is experiencing, you need to draw conclusions, and did not hesitate to voice their nanny.If a person (though young) responsible attitude to their work, it is required to take into account all the wishes and correct their mistakes easily and without resentment.

Another point.It so happens that a young mother and a young nurse become, almost no friends.It may be a good thing, but we must not forget about the distance that still exists between you.You - the employer, the nurse - worker.Otherwise, permissiveness and free running is guaranteed by the child, and to demand that something you will be hard.

So, what qualities should a young girl, to qualify for the position of nanny?First of all, you need to be responsible, executive, educated, competent and attentive.In addition, the presence of the imagination, initiative and creativity is to be welcomed.And the ability to develop and maintain order in the house is another big plus.Now themselves to answer the question: does age can be an obstacle to the success of the nurse in the presence of a person of all these qualities?

Personally, for myself, I made the following conclusions: It was in my work all, but I remember such a rewarding experience for all life.Over the six months of my work as a nanny, I became almost a family member.Vladik was 5 years old, and continued the process of growing up continued on my eyes, and I noted their age.Being close to Vlad, I undoubtedly matured, too, because when you realize all the responsibility to the baby's parents, then you start to subconsciously relate seriously to many things.I trust, and this - the main thing.I wanted to give that child all that I can, I can, and I know, and a lot I got!

Someday I will be sure to have their own children.And one day I will remember with a smile how the preparatory school to the present, and how motherhood was "beautiful nurse".Let your child experience with a young babysitter will be as successful as in my case!