How to find a nanny to the child?

Before you there was a need to find a babysitter child?It is clear that you are seriously concerned, and with good reason, because in good faith to find a man who will meet all your ideas about what should be a nanny, very difficult.But you need to start the search, so select for themselves the most important thing that you will be guided in choosing the person who will be able to entrust their child.

Be sure to pay attention to the health of future nurse - you have every right to demand a medical certificate, and so ideally, such certificates must be of substance abuse, STI and mental hospital.

It is clear that for a nanny desirable to have experience and skills in caring for young children, for instance, has your children or working with children of this age, as well as your baby.Nanny should possess such character traits as responsibility, poise, alertness and readiness to fulfill the requirements of the parents.It is absolutely unacceptable when the nurse establishes authority over the child by me

ans of shouts or spanking.

important factor in choosing a babysitter is age.Of course, the optimal age for 35-55 years is considered to be a nanny because they are too young nurse may be inexperienced or careless and too old to be hard to keep up with the restless child.But there are many examples of very young girl turned out to be excellent nurses, especially those who grew up in large families and caring for younger siblings,

Of course it is important that the nurse was the formation of the future and recommendations.You want to not just a nanny looking after the child, but also to communicate with him, he taught him reading, writing, manners, proper speech.It is desirable that the nurse was able to provide first aid, since even with the most careful Baby no one is safe from accidents.In terms of recommendations, not too lazy to call former employers and clarify why they broke up with a nanny, which can cause problems, etc.

Of course, it is clear that no professional will not replace the main -. Genuine love for children.If babysitting her work - heavy cross, then this will result in a negative attitude to the child, in irritation and anger with all the consequences.This can cause the baby sitter only harm.

hire a nanny, be careful!Maybe you should have the time to go home earlier agreement, ask a neighbor to pay attention to how your nanny walks with your baby, ask the child in detail what he did during the day.

best indicator of whether the nanny is good - it is the child.If he is happy and content if his behavior and development does not appear something undesirable or frightening - so good nanny to perform its duties.But do not forget the main thing - the love of the nurse should not be a replacement for a child of parental love.