After the article " Is that a shame ? "

Some time ago in the magazine was published a story Larissa Chaikinoi "Is not it a shame" about the situation in the family of her friend.The article caused a lot of different opinions and has been proposed for discussion at "wild" housewives.Validating interested in the situation and the fate of Helen, so we asked Larissa Chaikin tell you how things are.We got the answer to our question and publish it.

«You ask what - the end of the story?It seems to me that it is not over yet.Many times I talked to my mother Lena.Why only my mother?Yes, because my father took an irreconcilable position, and no matter how much my friend did not try to reason with him, he did not want to listen and understand.

mother torn between her husband and daughter.I'm not sure that she understood what I told her, but like any mother, she loves her child and does not want to harm his daughter.

course, Lena came to his parents.As then he told me a friend, a father, from the doorway poured a bucket of mud on it.The Lena flew all

her gifts, and along with curses.And she, poor thing, she could not understand what had happened?And when I realized, I was shocked.

fact, if you think so many advantages in Lena: she graduated from school with a silver medal, clever, with great manners, good money, among other things, slim, tall, very beautiful.Well, not to not take the queen.Only this Queen worked hard not to fill up, tired and tried to help her parents as she could.And suddenly such a hit!

After a meeting with the parents I saw Lena in the yard and tried to talk to her.She obviously did not want to talk about the latest developments.She said the only one that really wanted to learn, but I could not afford it.In the family there was at that time a difficult financial situation, and to help parents, he had to go to work, and not simply to work and earn good money.But Helen did not know how, and that she had to take advantage of the fact that she was awarded her nature than - her appearance.

She also added that it has always tried to be close to their parents, and more than once refused lucrative contracts abroad.But now, when the father and mother abandoned her, she will leave to work in another country, far away from this horror.I'm sorry to hear it was all because disintegrated before my eyes, in general, a good family, but you will agree, the daughter was right.

Well, what - we have the same parents?Lonely old age, lack of money, and I am more than confident that they will complain to the daughter of his hard fate, without understanding that everything is made by hand.

And Helen?Will it ever - ever forgive your parents?We can understand what is her fault at all had happened.I think she just spoiled their parents.

I have a hope, however faint, that everyone - the parents will understand their mistake, realize that acted unworthily.You can not humiliate the human soul, trample pride and wallow in the mud best feelings.We must learn to appreciate the care and love of a loved one.In my opinion, it is necessary to seek peaceful solutions to problems, because a shout insults and only air is shaken and enrage people.Anger - a bad adviser in human relations »