How to repot houseplants

Spring comes, and will soon be over a period of rest for many houseplants.Many amateur growers are now engaged in transplanting plants.If you already have experience, you well know their home flowers and know how to properly determine whether they need this procedure, or should leave it for the next year, because a transplant a plant that does not need it, can only damage the development of.

But if you have doubts, check whether it is necessary to engage in a transfer, it is possible in a simple manner.Good water the plant so that it could get along with a lump of pot.If too small a pot plant and earthen room thickly entwined roots, so that the land is almost not visible, then there is nothing to think - you need to look for a pot of bigger size and urgently transfer.If this pattern is not observed, return the plant back into the pot and check it for next year.

Spring - the best time to repot houseplants - the roots will have time to develop well before the next rest period.For the transplant choose a

pot that is only slightly larger than the old, as the transplant plant in a pot too large lead to stunting.

advance, prepare everything you need for transplantation, the pots, the ground, drainage, watering, etc.If you repot the plant in an old pot, which is already used, it must be well cleaned and decontaminated.New clay pot should be in the evening soak in water.

If you have a clay pot, close the drain hole shards or pieces of broken bricks.Pour a thin layer of earth shards.Water the plant and leave it alone for about an hour and a half.Then remove it from the pot, taking the pot from the top hand.Turn the pot and lightly tap it on the edges of the table.If necessary, separate the plant from the inner walls of the pot with a knife.With the other hand remove the pot.

Set the plant on a new layer of earth in the pot and gradually fill the gaps between the clod of earth and the walls of the pot slightly moist soil.

Seal the land around the coma thumbs, gradually podsypaya land until its level equals the base of the stem.Several times Tap the pot on the table to the earth settled.

completely fill the pot with soil, abundant water the plant and put in the shade for about a week, daily spraying the leaves, so they do not withered.Then move the plant to a permanent place and care for him as usual.

Sometimes the transplant is not worth doing, furthermore, it is not desirable.That is, if the plant is already in a very large pot or has reached such proportions that it is impossible to move without breaking.In this case, each spring need to replace the top layer of earth in the thickness of 2 cm (5 cm for the larger pots).To do this manually carefully selected old earth and fill up fresh substrate.