Lighting and the choice of location for houseplants

How do you want to home-grown flowers in front, gorgeous flowering pleasing and healthy appearance.But for fans of the home colors should be taken carefully to the advice and helpful tips on caring for plants.

great importance for the development of domestic plants is light.The house is lit room is different and depends on the size of windows and the side of the light to which they go.It varies according to weather conditions (bright sunshine, cloud cover and so on. P.), As well as the time of year.

light intensity decreases rapidly with distance from the windows.At a distance of 2 m is smaller than 4 times, and Z m - is 9 times!Place your plants as close as possible to the large windows."Light" can be considered a place on the southern windows with curtains or the east or the west, but no curtains."Penumbra" can be considered a place remote by 1-2 m from the light source or in the north window."Shadow" will be considered as a location in the 1-2 meters of the big north window in 2-3 meters from east

and west and from the south 3-4 m.

But be careful, remember the bright sunlight.Very few plants do not like a sunny place on the windowsill in the winter.From spring to autumn sun rays hotter and leaves risk of getting burned if standing near the glass (window glass lens plays a role).Cacti and succulents direct sunlight are not afraid.But most plants is to hide from direct sunlight during the hottest hours.Use curtains or move the plant around 1 m from the window.Consider the needs of plants.

Few flowering plants suck poorly lit, although cyclamen, poinsettia and Impatiens will bloom in the northern windows.For the least-lit rooms, you can choose aspidistra, Chlorophytum with green leaves, tsissus, fatskhederu, Fitton, peperomiya, Syngonium and ferns (Nephrolepis, pteris and maidenhair).

, try using fluorescent daylight lamps to provide extra light light-loving plants.Their spectrum is close to natural light, they consume little electricity and not heat, so you do not risk to burn the leaves.But do not cover the plants 24 hours a day.Extend the light day for 2-5 hours.Positioning the lamp should be no closer than 30 cm from the plant leaves.

There are also "short-day plants" and "long-day plants."Short-day plant, for example puansetiya, kalanchoe or chrysanthemum to bloom need a period of 6-8 weeks, when the daylight hours shorter than the night, that is. E. 8-10 hours.long days for flowering plant needs to daylight was no less than 12 hours.The periods of the day and night shall not be interrupted.That is why it is difficult to make puansetiyu bloom again in the house, if you do not put it in a dark room at the end of the summer.

If you want to breed plants in the corridor, where very little light, set it lights with fluorescent lights and turn them on at least 6 hours a day.You will immediately notice how much better feel of the plant.

Sometimes plants were then placed around a radiator, so as not froze.But this is not the best option, because the radiator dries the air.If you can not find another place to plant, be sure to increase the humidity.You can put the plant on the inverted pan, standing in another, larger size pan with a little water.Make sure that the water did not reach the drainage holes of the pot, otherwise the roots will suffocate and die.And, of course, regularly spray the leaves.