To the flowers do not hurt

Even observing all the rules of care for home flowers, sometimes we see that they start to feel ill, do not grow or even die.What are we doing wrong?Are there any general rules of care for the flowers to be known to all lovers of houseplants?Yes, there are common elements that need to pay attention to if you want to see your flowers healthy and beautiful.

If your plants the upper leaves retain elasticity, but turning yellow, then it is caused, as a rule, high calcium content in the soil - especially those plants that do not tolerate lime or hardness of water for irrigation.

Sometimes plants appear dots or spots on the leaves.In this case, the most likely reason - the lack of water.But if the affected area soft, dark brown in color, it is most likely due to waterlogged soil.If the points or spots on white or yellowish, damage caused by the use of cold water when watering, hit the water on the leaves, the defeat of aerosols, too strong sunlight or disease (pest).If the affected area and get wet like a b

lister or dry in the form of dents, the reason - the plant disease.Some pests can also cause spotting surface of the sheet.

Brown tips or edges of leaves - a plant response to air dry.Another possible reason - physical damage, when the tips of the leaves often touch or they are pressed to the window or wall.

If the leaves yellow edges or brown, it can be caused by several factors, such as soil waterlogging, lack of irrigation, lack of light, too abundant light, too low air temperature, too high air temperature, excess minerals, dry air or drafts.

When the plant wilted leaves, some common causes for this are either the soil drying out (due to lack of irrigation) or waterlogged soil (due to poor drainage or too frequent watering).Other causes may be an excess of light (particularly if the leaves droop regularly in the middle of the day), dry air, too high temperature, tight pot or pests.

Your favorite flower and yellow fall leaves?But the lower leaves of the adult plants over time naturally turn yellow and then fall off.But when this happens simultaneously with several leaves, the probable cause is a waterlogged soil or cold drafts.

If your house plant slowly or not growing in the winter you have nothing to worry about - in the winter it is normal for all plants, so do not force it to grow.And in the summer the most likely cause of the slowdown - the lack of minerals, soil waterlogging or insufficient lighting.If these factors are excluded, perhaps too small a pot.

If the buds fall off, then this most often results in dry air, lack of irrigation, lack of light, move the pots to a different location or damage by pests.

rotting stems and leaves are usually caused by a disease occurring in poor conditions.Often the cause is over-wetting the soil in the winter or the ingress of water on the leaves.