Tsiperus .Care and breeding tsiperusa

In tsiperus popularly called reeds of long stems, which are held rosette of leaves, and in England tsiperus called "plant-umbrella."Tsiperus - a perennial herbaceous plant marsh forming shrub with thin, stiff stems, quite popular among amateur gardeners because of its decoration.Beautiful plant with very decorative flat leaves on slender stalks - tsiperus complements any interior and looks very exotic.Adult tsiperus aged 4-5 years reaches 1 meter high and 40 centimeters in width, and the lifetime tsiperusa - more than 10 years.

Homeland tsiperusa - is African and Malagasy marsh.Leaves tsiperusa zlakovidnye, narrow, long, diverging to the tips of the stems, like an umbrella.

Blossoms tsiperus summer, its flowers - yellow-green blossoms in the center of the bracts alternate light brown grains.

If you decide to grow tsiperus at home, you need to select for it is the light place, but to the sun's rays do not burn the leaves.A summer tsiperus can bring to the balcony or to put in the garden, be sure to pa

rtial shade.

For planting tsiperusa suitable peat moss and garden soil in equal parts, and 20% on the basis of manure fertilizer.Tsiperus fed from March to October 1 time per month, fertilizer for houseplants.Transplant tsiperus need in March, when the plant will close in the pot.

Tsiperus loves moisture, so in the summer it is best to put the pot in a pot with water, and in winter should be watered from the pallet.If vy¬she temperature of 20 ° C, spray the leaves tsiperusa every day, morning and evening.

tsiperus Propagated by dividing the bush or the rooting stem cuttings with leaves (10 cm).They are immersed in water with charcoal stalk upward.After 3 weeks, the roots appear.

Helpful Hints:

- Tsiperus will grow better if you have it put in the spring in the garden pond or swimming pool.

- Handle tsiperus gently, as the stems break easily.Cut the old leaves, in order to provoke the emergence of new ones.

- Virtually no pests and diseases are not afraid tsiperus