Pachypodium .Care and breeding pachypodium

pachypodium - an unusual, beautiful exotic plant, however, not often found in our homes.And all because it we almost do not grow, and bring ready-made flowers.A home to this trendy plant from Madagascar are family kutrovyh desert.Sometimes pachypodium also called Madagascar palm tree to palm trees, he has not the slightest relationship.

pachypodium is a thick slender stalk diameter of 10-12 cm in the form of columns, with a slight upward narrowing.Stem pachypodium strewn with strong sharp thorns, and the top, as the crest, sticking very attractive emerald green long leaves.Leaves pachypodium elongated, rigid top smooth evergreen from deciduous tree species and the rest, depending on the type of silver or light gray-green.

pachypodium bloom in greenhouses at 7-8-th year.But when growing plants bloom in the room - a very rare phenomenon.Flowers pachypodium - day, scented, summer, white, pink, yellow or red, form an inflorescence at the tips of branches in plants older than 10 years.

pachypodium growing very slowly.Adult pachypodium when grown in a pot reaches a size from 30 cm to 1.5 meters.Term pachypodium lives in the house - from 3 to 15 years, depending on care.

If you decide to grow pachypodium at home, the best location is a sunny place for him, including direct sunlight.In summer the plant is best put in the open air, and in winter to put on a light place in the living room where the temperature should not be below 16 "C.

as land suitable for planting pachypodium ready substrate for cacti. Feed up pachypodium from June to September1 time per month, fertilizer for cacti, diluted by half. But, if you transplant pachypodium every year, it is not necessary to fertilize

Humidity for proper development pachypodium need a low full year. Watering is required constantly lean to pachypodium, includingand in the summer, because the summer the plant begins a rest period. For irrigation is necessary to take only soft water. Sprinkle pachypodium very rarely, 1-2 times per month, and the water should be at room temperature and defended.

pachypodium Propagated by seeds, although theyvery rarely appear for sale usually buy ready-made plants brought

Useful tips:..

- adult plant to maintain more easily than younger.Do not worry if the leaves or the leaves all fall off in early winter.

- if stem pachypodium hurt, it stands out the white juice.

- from pests and diseases dangerous to pachypodium aphids.

- about pachypodium disease often show black, slightly blurred leaves.The reason for this, as a rule, are too low temperatures in winter and too abundant watering.In most cases, the dryness and the heat plant recover on their own.

- pachypodium very sensitive to rot, so you need to strictly follow the watering, it can not be transfused and especially overdry.Care must be taken that the soil moderately moist.Under these conditions, the stem will always retain its shape (will not bend and thin).