Winter care for house plants

Summer is over, and home flowers will soon need to be translated into a winter care.It is especially important that your potted plants safely through the winter and spring again pleased you healthy appearance.

Florists-lovers know that in a period of rest to different plants and different approach is needed.So, desert cacti and other succulents in the winter is almost watered.Almost all dekorativnolistnyh plants need moderate watering, as the top layer of soil dries (to a depth of approximately 1 cm).Drying the ground between waterings especially important during a period of rest.

Most flowering plants in the winter and requires moist soil.But it should not be waterlogged.Need cautious and not very frequent watering as the drying of the surface so that moisture was not excessive.

azaleas, sweet flag and tsiperus in a rest period and abundantly watered frequently to the ground was not just wet and waterlogged.For watering azaleas, gardenias, ferns do not use lime water.

recommended dose of fertilizin

g in February - a maximum of half of the ordinary.Instead of two times the plants are fed once a month, reducing the dose stated on the package in half.

sure to keep the roots warm colors.If they are you on a cold window sill, then do stand foam or cork.

Almost all house plants grow well at temperatures from +13 to + 23 ° C.Many flowering potted plants and some Decorative leef potted plants require even more cool conditions with the maximum temperature in winter 16 ° C.

Delicate plants require a room temperature not below + 16 ° C.Heat and moisture-loving plants should be placed on trays of pebbles on a wide shelf over a radiator.

For plants are dangerous sudden changes in temperature.Plants love to the night temperature was only 2-3 ° C below the day, so a sudden drop in temperature, for example, 6 ° C can destroy them.

only cacti and other succulents in their natural habitat adapted to high daytime temperatures and cool nights.Cyclamen, myrtle, laurel, oleander, various citrus and pine in the winter need about + 8-10 ° C.