Achimenes : care and breeding achimenes

achimenes - a small perennial shrub with thin weak drooping stems.Homeland of this small plant of the family Gesneriaceae is South America.Adult plant reaches 20-30 cm in height and width.Term life achimenes dependent on care: some growers throw the plant after flowering, but you can try to keep the roots until spring in a cool place, for example, on the veranda.This rhizome does not require watering.

Leaves achimenes reach a length of 15-20 cm, are opposite, oval, with serrated edges, fluffy, dark green, often with purple underside.

achimenes blooms all summer beautiful blue-purple, pink, yellow, pink or white asymmetrical "saucers" in the long tsvetnozhkah.

If you decide to plant achimenes house, the best location is a bright diffused light for him.Suitable for planting a mixture of heath land, bark humus and sand.

Feed up achimenes from April to October, every week bringing half dose of fertilizer for houseplants.

most optimum humidity for achimenes - not less than 50%.For the comfort of the pla

nt put the pot on the wet gravel.And do not spray as the water drops spoil the flowers.Watering during the flowering achimenes every 3 days for soft water at room temperature.

Transplant achimenes need every year in spring.A propagated plants in late winter, dividing rhizomes, fragments of 4-5 cm in length. It can be propagated by cuttings achimenes and young shoots in water, but it is quite difficult for novice gardeners.

Helpful Hints:

- achimenes should not stand in the open air, drafts are also not allowed.

- the winter like tiny Christmas tree cones rhizomes after falling off the leaves, remove from the pot and the plant, leave at room temperature in a dark place in dry peat or sand.

- At temperatures above 25 degrees and stagnant air flower buds die.In this case, ventilate the room more often, avoiding drafts and often spray.

- Plants that are in the sun, watered in the morning or in the evening.

- Use achimenes summer to decorate the balconies in combination with asparagus and ferns.But if the summer is rainy, the plant very quickly lose appearance.

- From pests and diseases achimenes dangerous: winter rot, aphids, and in the summer - red spider mites.