Clerodendrum .Care and breeding clerodendrum

clerodendrum - a perennial plant, shape resembling a pillow, but it is often grown as an annual.Clerodendrum, it is often called ragwort bloody, native to the Canary Islands.Adult plant with proper care can reach 30-60 cm in diameter.After flowering, many growers clerodendrum discarded.

There are hundreds of varieties of flowers clerodendrum with a wide range of color - from blue to purple, pink to white, from red to dark garnet.And two-color flowers clerodendrum have a white ring around the core.

clerodendrum leaves, 20-30 cm long, have a heart-shaped form.They are dark green, rough, and the reverse side of the purple.Clerodendrum blooms from January to April.During flowering the leaves appear on the inflorescence-baskets of colorful flowers similar to daisies.

If you want to breed clerodendrum at home, choose the place for it, where there is bright ambient light.

suitable for planting mulch of bark and peat in equal parts.Feeding clerodendrum not needed.Since clerodendrum susceptible to fungal

infections and sick, if it be in the stale air, ventilate the room more often.

It is best to put a pot of clerodendrum on the tray with pebbles or wet peat, and from time to time to spray the air around the plant.Clerodendrum Watering must be abundant and the plant should be watered with warm water.But clerodendrum not tolerate waterlogged, so the tray should remain dry.

clerodendrum transplant is not needed, as the plant is short-lived.Clerodendrum Propagated by seeds, in mini-teplichke, usually at 15 ° C or semilignified cuttings.The best substrate for rooting of cuttings - a mixture of peat and coarse sand.

Useful tips for clerodendrum

care - Growing clerodendrum, you must remember that the heat shortens the flowering period.So put the plant on a cool porch or on a windowsill at the open window, if the temperature is below 7 ° C.Lifetime: cineraria buy in January and discarded after flowering.

- Pests and diseases dangerous to clerodendrum - this whitefly.

- It is best to buy the plant, where a lot of little buds and inflorescences blossoming.

- To stimulate the formation of new shoots can be pinched or trimming the ends of branches, since clerodendrum actively bloom is young shoots.

- If you left clerodendrum after flowering, in winter when the growth stops, and there is a partial loss of leaves, watering should be rare, but over-drying earthen clod is unacceptable.

- Since the end of autumn and winter in almost all the plants dormant period.When that period clerodendrum resets leaves, it is necessary to reduce watering and place the plant in a cool place.

- clerodendrum drops leaves only in winter and / or in the absence of moisture.

- Do not cut clerodendrum up until the vines are actively growing, but when their growth stops, and the leaves begin to turn yellow, it is necessary to start to form.

- Spray clerodendrum necessary not only in the heat, but constantly, except during hibernation plants.