Kordilina .Care and breeding kordiliny

kordilina, house plant of the agave family, originally from India, and Australia, and is a close relative of dracaena.However, different from the Dracaena kordilina white, with yellow wedge-shaped bulges, roots.

kordilina forms a crown on a short trunk, and, depending on the variety, has to lanceolate, dense, 25-40 cm long, the leaves of red, white, green or yellow stripes.Flowers at kordiliny appear in 10-year-old plants.Then, in the summer you can see a long flower spike with white fragrant flowers, stars.

kordilina, grown in a pot reaches a size between 50 and 90 cm in height and width.A kordilina if you grow in a greenhouse, and then to several meters.The plant adds about 10 cm per year.Term kordiliny lives in the house - from 3 to 5 years.

To select a suitable location for kordiliny, we must remember that the plants with green leaves can stand even in poorly lit areas, but colored varieties require more light.But kordilina not stand the bright rays of the sun, especially in summer.

To put kordilina, you will need to land greenhouse for houseplants, garden soil and heath land, mixed in equal parts.Kordilina fed from May to September, liquid fertilizer, 2 times a month, while watering.You can make during the transplant and granular fertilizer slow motion.

kordilina Watering should be in moderation, but regularly, not allowing anyone to dry earthen.High humidity is desirable for good plant growth and development, therefore, especially in winter, to be sprayed and sprayed moisture around the plant.A pot with a young kordilina can be put in the wet peat.

Transplanted kordilina every 2-3 years in March.Propagated by seeds kordilina, but an easier way - riding or stem cuttings.When the stem cuttings need to put the pieces of the stems bud up in the wet substrate and cover.may reproduce kordilina and air layering.

Helpful Hints:

- If you choose your own kordilina, remember that plants with red foliage hardier

- kordilina grown in the apartment, it is not recommended to expose the open air.

- Among kordilina are very beautiful views, suitable for cultivation in pots, in selling them mostly called dracaena.Like most kadochnyh plants in winter they should be placed in a cool, bright place.

- kordilina Keep away from drafts and make sure that the winter temperature was low enough (13-15 ° C),

- In May and June, aphids may appear on young plants.Take action immediately.

- If the plant is dumped too many leaves, the trunk can be cut at a distance of 30-50 cm from the ground.New leaves will appear below the cutoff.With age, the trunk is exposed.Place the plant in a container with other lower plants.