Good manners your cat

Certainly happened more than once, your cat, happily hosting at home in your absence, in what does not deny: interrupts the wallpaper from the walls, biting flowers, climbing Interior sdergivaya them from the eaves, and finally allstill ignores the tray with the filler.

Moreover, the brash young one can easily sit on a table in front of you and chew the leaves with the former used to be a beautiful bouquet.The natural reaction - to shout, curse, threaten.So what?The cat is frightened, runs away, in general, feels guilty, but the flower is not binding, but the fact that you are a strong, intelligent "leader of the pack" - yelled and hit it, that's it exactly remember.

Admittedly this does not prevent her bitten another plant on the windowsill next day.Again you express your cat in an unknown human language as you are dissatisfied with it.You know that in the end will turn out?Your cat will no longer meet you at the threshold, as usual, because it is afraid of you - and that's all you have, and, the flo

wers will still be at risk.

What to do, how to educate wayward animal?Cats easily learn the association.Your behavior and its action, it can not bind.But she tied your coming and what you yell at her.She understands that you need to be afraid.Therefore important to reward and punishment were related to the act that the cat could tie them together.

One way - deterrence.Fear, which is directed directly from you directly.If the cat when you conceived Climb onto the ledge on the curtain, you can do it is to stop.Bump?Yell?Do not do this, do not frighten the animal, causing it sustained fear as you approach.Remember how "educates" the kittens mother cat.It is to rein in rambunctious kittens, beats them with his paw on the nose.

There is another way - indirect intimidation.The cat usually can not tie the act of intimidation from the person, but you can call her persistent association.For example, if your cat likes to spoil houseplants, keep to yourself a spray bottle with water.As soon as you see that she reached for colors, splash it with water.Cat scared, and if it is repeated, it will realize that as soon as she touched the flowers, from somewhere in the obscurity arises jet of cold water wet, she obviously does not like!

Try to teach a cat causing disgust.To do this, you need to give her a sniff of something spicy and fragrant, and then spray the items that she diligently spoils.The same can be done when the cat or the cat marks territory.If it is aiming at the same places, then wash them, remove them from the whole cat smell and sprinkle deodorant.You can use sounds and gestures.But you try to determine what is acceptable for your cat.But, most importantly, use these techniques with intelligence and without unnecessary cruelty.

With attentive successive ways you can achieve excellent results, and your pet will no longer hurt you.Home - understand the psychology of cats, not to humanize it, do not attribute to her human qualities and character traits.Cat thinks differently than a man, and when you realize this, many problems can be avoided in the bud.