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Why do people give birth to animals, and sometimes can not answer.But it is clear that in the house where they are, more warmth and kindness.Pets make us not only good, but also healthier, and most importantly, love just like that, without asking anything in return.

About that make healthier, I misspoke.Scientists have long been engaged in the study of effects on animals and people definitely say that animals have powerful healing properties.Even the kind of treatment with animals is - animaloterapiya.

Hosts cats know that any irritation and aggression goes, when stroking a cat.Most cats feel pain in humans, and aspire to go closer to the source of pain, the result after a while the pain recedes.Cats lower blood pressure, treat internal inflammation and pain in the joints, relieve insomnia and help with colds.

A dog can cure cardiac arrhythmias, peptic ulcer disease, bronchitis, heart failure, low back pain.Of course, come to the therapeutic effect is not enough just to live with a pet in an apartmen

t, you need to stroke him, to walk, to talk to him, that is closely interact.

Budgies save owners from heart disease.Singing birds in general beneficial effect on the psyche - soothes and calms.Watching aquarium fish relieves stress and calms and baby reptiles strengthens the nervous system.

Another claim that a person's character is clearly reflected what animal he lived at home, but have the opposite effect - the owners adjust to the new family member.

is believed that the dogs give birth to people with strong character, able to take responsibility for an animal that requires constant attention and care.

Cat is ideal for those who can appreciate the beauty and loves independence and pays more attention to your own inner world, rather than on the environment.

aquarium fish prefer people who are inclined to contemplation and philosophy.But exotic animals attract people with ideas and passion.

But there is a downside - setting the stage for pets impulsively, on a whim, people forget that each animal has its own character that they need constant care and careful maintenance.Some pets, such as dogs Fighting can be dangerous.So, deciding to buy a pet, carefully listen to yourself, talk to family members, are you ready for this important step.

little about animals

• St.Bernards, although it looks daunting, characterized by a very good-natured disposition.

• German Shepherds are calm and balanced, but can be aggressive.

• Poodles loyal, sociable, well teachable and accountable.

• Bobtail friendly, sociable and self-sacrificing, so is ideal for families with children,

• Yorkshire Terrier - "pocket" one you can buy fashionable clothes and hairstyles do.

• Newfoundland - a reliable defender.

• Labradors - good companions with a golden character.

• Airedales - smart, brave, cheerful and sociable animals,

• Persian cats have a gentle disposition, easy to go on contact, even with strangers.

• Siamese cats are stubborn and jealous at the same time faithful to his master and affectionate.

• Bengal cats are outgoing and very smart.

• Siberian Cats are independent and distrustful of strangers but affectionate with their masters.