How and how much to irrigate fruit trees ?

Experienced gardeners say they do not need to be watered more frequently, but with the benefit!For example, fruit trees during the summer requires only four - but serious!- Watering.If the fruit a little, enough two waterings.

Especially important is the correct watering young trees.Young fruit trees in the planting year and the following year especially in need of water.Watering young trees in the first year after planting should be 4-5 times per season, at the rate of 2-3 buckets under each tree apple and pear and 1-2 buckets under each cherry tree and plum at each watering.In subsequent years, the young trees watered less often, but the amount of water per irrigation increase by 1.5-2 times.

for the first time to capture the moment when the rise of the ovary begins and the remaining glaze make at the end of the summer, so that during loading fruit shoots are not weakened.

Watering should be uniform all ppistvolnuyu part of the soil, but do not pour water on the root neck.Useful pour water into the

annular groove around trees.Exposure of the roots as a result of watering is not allowed.If, nevertheless, the roots were exposed in some places, they should immediately go to sleep wet ground.

In general, it is better to water less, but more abundant.It is very important to moisten the soil to a depth of placement of active roots.In pome crops is about 60-70 centimeters in stone fruit and berry bushes - a few less.

How much water is required every tree?What is meant by a major irrigation?The garden, well-kept turf, will require more water.

Estimate square meters around-trunk circle tree and multiply that number by 3. So many buckets of water and should be poured under it.

And should consider the nature of the soil.The sand through which water flows, as through a sieve, pour more often.Therefore, in light sandy soils require frequent watering with a small rate of water consumption, and on heavy clay, on the contrary, watering should be rare, but abundant.

What time to water your garden, depending on weather, soil desiccation and needs of the plants themselves.It is clear that water scarcity may be painful impact on your fruit trees, but an excess of even more harmful, since waterlogged soil reduced gas exchange, reduces the temperature in the root zone, which leads to the death of the active part of the roots.

Helpful Hints:

- 15-20 days before harvesting, but not during their maturation, water the garden, for the third time.

- watering just before harvest leads to subsidence and cracking of the fruit.

- Final watering usually done in late autumn during leaf fall.Such watering is called recharge.

- Early varieties of apple and pear trees require less watering than later.

- Pear trees suffer from excess water.

- need watering less frequently than pome (apple and pear) Stone fruit species (apricot, cherry, plum).

- If you expect an abundant harvest, the trees need water more than the trees with a smaller crop or without him.