How to buy a cat ?

How to appear in the house cats?More often than not we raise a kitten-foundling whom ever you find yourself, or bring your child.In other words, you educate "orphans", so here we are not talking about how to buy a cat.Take kittens and friends, but if you want to buy a cat with a pedigree that is thoroughbred with certain articles, the approach to this issue should be seriously.

How to choose the right, or buy a cat.If you do not need a pedigree cat, then you can buy the cat in the "bird market" or any market.But buying a pet, pay attention to some important things.

- Look closely at the hair kitten.It should be smooth and clean.If hair disheveled, dull and uneven, it means that the cat is sick.

- Carefully check the ears of your future pet.The color of a healthy animal ears - pale pink, and they are clean.

- a healthy animal nose - wet and cold, but without the emissions.

- Pay attention to the cat paws: pads on them should not be solidified.

- eyes are healthy cats should be no redness and purule

nt discharge, as well as without the fallen hair on the eyelids.

- Press lightly on the stomach and hips kitten.This depression may not cause the animal pain.

- Inspect the joints, they should not be increased.

- Get accustomed to the skeleton pussy.Note the visible curvature.

If you comply with these tips is difficult, contact any club cats or cats in kennels, and there you will pick up a kitten with all the stated requirements, the necessary certificates and vaccinations.

And of course, if you want to buy a cat with a pedigree, the appeal to the club cats or nurseries necessary.There you will get all the necessary consultations veterinarian will be able to participate in exhibitions, and find a mate for her pussy.

Of course, first of all, decide which group you want to have a cat at home.Breeds of cats a lot, so you have options, too, a large number, so decide which you like the cat: long-haired cats (Persian), semi-longhair cat (Burmese, Turkish, etc.), short-haired cat (British, Russian blue, etc..d.), Siamese and oriental cats.

But any choice, you need to understand yourself and explain to the children that the animal is in the house - not a toy, but a living creature, requiring careful maintenance and care.Otherwise, instead of the healthy fun and funny pet, you will suffer from sick animals tortured.