You bought a puppy ?

dog - one of the first pets.Her remains were found during excavations of the Stone Age (about 10 - 15 thousand years BC).Nowadays there are a huge variety of dog breeds.Therefore, choosing a puppy, first of all, decide what you want to have a friend.

better to get a puppy rather than an adult dog.Grow it is not so - it is simple, but with proper maintenance and care, you will have a wonderful and selfless friend.

adopting a puppy at home, first of all, you must comply with all the animal health rules.

The first step is to contact your veterinarian.He will lead the dog passport, which is required for long-distance transport of animals.The doctor will make the necessary vaccinations and answer many of your questions.

is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the dog.If the puppy does not bathe for a long time, the hair and the skin accumulates dirt and dead skin particles, dandruff it decomposes and gives pungent smell skunk.

Puppy living in an apartment, you need every day to comb brush a

nd bathe every week.They do it usually in the pelvis, with the water temperature of about 40 degrees.Wool special lather soap or shampoo and thoroughly rinse and wipe with a damp brush head.

If after swimming puppy freezes, it should hide, and it is better to wipe again with a dry cloth, and play with him, that he was moving and warmed.

After feeding, should wash the dog's face, and after the festivities legs and abdomen.

puppy must be accustomed to cleanliness.It must recover in the same place.For the little ones, it is necessary to put a box - toilet, filled with sand, sawdust or shavings.The filler should be changed regularly.

to 4-5 month old puppy needs affection and attention, it is desirable that in the house at that time was a man who would have led him to walk as often as possible.Adult dogs need to walk a 2 - 3 times a day.

puppy is given to a certain place in the apartment.Usually done bench the size of an adult dog or specially sewn mattress on which you can change the pillowcases or mat.All this should be disinfected regularly.

placing an animal, consider his natural inclinations.In its place the dog must be able to relax or escape from danger, but at the same time it should be seen everything that is done in the house.

Dogs love to come out on the balcony, but keep them constantly is not recommended there.You can not choose a place for a dog in the kitchen, near the heaters, refrigerators, in the draft.

Do not put your puppy on a chain, becauseit will limit its movement, and then you will have a narrow-chested, with the wrong dog posed limbs.

puppy needs to be fed properly.When buying a puppy, be sure to find out what to feed him last week, and try to feed as well.At first, the animal will be very heavy, nervous and often give up, even from the usual food.

When the puppy to learn, you can gradually diversify its food.He must get a rich protein food - milk, meat, eggs, cheese, etc. Puppy, 1 to 2 months old should be fed 5 -. 6 times per day, at the age of 3 - 4 months - 4 - 5 times.At 5 - 6 months, you can go to four meals a day, and at 6 - 12 months, the puppy should be fed three times a day.Adult dogs are fed twice a day.

amount of food depends on the breed and age of the dog.After eating the animal give soft bones with cartilage.Puppy can not keep hungry, but can not raskarmlivat.In either case, the dog can grow defective.