How to cure a sick cat ?

Animals, like humans, are sick and injured.And at this time it is particularly important to show respect to your pets patience and kindness.The animal must feel safe, it should be warm and calm.

better positioned sick cat in a room with subdued light, where there are no drafts, where it is warm and quiet.You must always check the condition of the animal, and to carry out the procedures prescribed by a veterinarian.But by doing this, talk to a cat on the midtones, be attentive and kind.And be sure to follow the dosage of drugs.

cat - an animal is very active and curious, so to them happening unexpected accidents.The most common of them - a drop from a great height.This often happens with animals when owners are left open vents, windows or balcony doors.

"First, be aware -. There is an urgent veterinary care should definitely SHOW injured animals the vet!"

If you are afraid to hurt during the carriage vetkliniku pet who is in serious condition, seek emergency veterinary care at home.In many cities ther

e are services you can find this information on the Internet.

Thus pay attention to the following points:

- cat for a long time (up to days) may be in shock.

- An animal can not just pick up and take the hand.It is necessary to determine whether he had the legs and spine fracture.

- Being shocked cat can excrete involuntarily urine and feces.Look for these secretions traces of blood.The presence of blood speaks of internal ruptures.

- If the animal is very sick, it can be aggressive, so be careful and cautious in dealing with them.

- If your cat's body has open wound and is bleeding, first they have to be washed, or at least removed from the wound foreign balances, and bandage.

- And only after all the above, very carefully, with one hand supporting her head, and the other, putting under the body of an animal, it can be transferred to a bed, in a certain place.

If you release the cat to walk on the street, the animal may be hit by a car.In such cases, injuries can be very serious: broken bones, concussion.The first aid to the injured animal is necessary to provide as well as a fall from a height.

And in both cases must always show the cat to the vet , all the more so in the case of such injuries veterinarian shall take you out of turn and immediately provide first aid.

When eating disorders (diarrhea, vomiting), the animal is recommended to give the rice water, brewed chamomile tea or infusion of oak bark.

now about burns.When a light burn, it is necessary to disinfect and lubricate Burns ointment, ointment or any other, but not cream.It is necessary to make sure that the cat, at least for some time, not licking the ointment.In more complex cases it is necessary to contact a veterinarian.

"Do not try to self-treat an animal - it makes more sense to show it to a specialist, then it will be avoided and the severe consequences, and all sorts of complications."

be cautious!Find advance the address and phone number of the nearest veterinary clinic for you.In a critical situation - every minute counts.Take care of your little friend!