"Living " area : mouse

Many people have the desire to find yourself in the "animal corner" home mouse or rat.Unpretentious and sociability makes house mice mimicking very attractive and for keeping the house.

Pets mouse derived by breeding from the wild house mouse.White mice belong to one of the first pets.3500 years ago, they are already contained in the East and Srednezemnomore.It was believed that white mice brings happiness.They even worshiped in temples.This belief exists until now.125 years ago, these animals were brought to Europe for research purposes.

If you decide to buy a home for the content of a mouse or a rat, you'll get a fun and unpretentious beast, observation of which will bring you a lot of pleasant moments.

Mice are very quickly become accustomed to the owner, they allow you to take yourself in hand, but do not like when they are strongly compressed.Most often, so do children, afraid to miss the mouse.Therefore, the baby is necessary to explain his error, saying that it causes pain mouse.

By the way, the mouse well to training.Suffice it to recall a murine railway in Durov's Corner.

now on the content of animals.Mice should be in iron cages for rodents with sliding tray, and the cells themselves must be cleaned every day.The cell for a couple of mice should be the size of 30 x 15 x 20, and for two or three - three pairs should be increased to the size of 50 x 20 x 20.

in one cell can live several females with offspring of various ages and one - two males.In this case, the female makes one nest at all, and together grow young.In this community of animals need to know each other, so they are combined at an early age, as "outsiders" (especially males) will drive family.

Mice should be fed varied.Their diet includes: salad and other greens, apples, turnips, carrots, cereal mixture, as well as food waste.Mice are very sharp teeth, especially the incisors.That they did not grow to a large size, they must be ground off.

For this purpose, the feeder is put stale bread and branches of deciduous trees.

But mice needs and animal feed.It is necessary to give one - two times a week.The water should be changed regularly.