The living area in your home : guinea pigs

you want to buy your child a guinea pig?This is a good choice, because the guinea pigs - tame, peaceful and funny little animals, and they rarely get sick.Guinea pig is never noisy, it only cheeps and grunts.

History of the name "guinea pig" is interesting in itself.To the sea, these animals have nothing to do, but they were brought to us from beyond the sea from South America, where they are still found in the wild.In Europe, they were in the second half of the sixteenth century, for use in scientific experiments.And yet, guinea pigs make sounds vaguely reminiscent pohryukivanie.So they started - guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs should be kept in a cage, which must be cleaned every day, then the smell, almost, will not be felt.

Animals can live singly, in pairs and groups.The temperature of the room where the cage is set to be not less than 18 -20 * C.If you are going to keep two pigs, then they must be of different sexes or female.Males can not be kept together, they will fight all the time.

Guinea pigs - vegetarians, iethey feed exclusively on plant foods.In the summer - it's green grass, twigs of deciduous trees, shoots of corn, root crops, vegetables.Winter food for pigs may be hay and grain.

more guinea pigs are very fond of apples, and stale bread.They generally useful solid food, it helps them to grind cutters, and they do not grow to large sizes.But the transition from summer to winter food and vice versa should be gradual.And, of course, all food should be fresh, and the water - changed regularly.

Mumps is easily breed in captivity, and the sexual cycle is repeated regularly, after 15 - 17 days, and a few stops in the middle of winter.During estrus female shows concern and may refuse to eat.

male and female is very easy to get along, so pick up a pair is not difficult, but keep in mind that breed them to be one and the same, and they can not be relatives.Pregnant females to transplant better.Progeny from one pair can receive no more than 2 to 3 times a year.

guinea pigs must feed two times a day pregnant females 3 - 4 times.Pregnancy them lasts 60 - 68 days.Before lambing in pigs appears thirst.It is best at this time the female to give milk.Mother to the emergence of young building a nest.

The kids are very well adapted to life, and already on Day 1 -3 start running around the cage.2 - 3 weeks they feed on their mother's milk, and then move to a regular diet.

And after another two weeks, generally become independent, and take away from the female.Adult pig is considered a seven-month old.For the offspring of animals used not less than ten months, healthy and frisky average fatness.