Children , pets and houseplants

Many of us like house plants.Usually, there are many fans of a variety of indoor plants.This cactus modest violets, palm trees and rubber plants.Of course, potted plants decorate our house are cozy and above all cherish our health.But, as it turns out, in respect of just health, this is not always the case.

colors like dieffenbachia, oleander, poisonous nightshade pretty.Experts advise not to have them in the house where there are small children.Kids - restless and very inquisitive, they all have to taste, and this can result in poisoning.

cats, as well as kids, is very playful.They love to hide in the colors and play with them.How upset the hostess, when he sees gnawed twigs and leaves their green pets, but in this case can be lost not only plants, but also animals.

If you have a favorite cat or kitten, try to also keep the house Aglaonema, Anthurium, Caladium, Alokaziya, Zamioculcas, dieffenbachia and monstera.Kitty can try and bright colors to taste.

poisonous to cats and children, flowers are in

euharis, Cleve, and gemantosa Hippeastrum.For animals such as dangerous common species of flowers as philodendron, Syngonium, Spathiphyllum and stsindaptus.Croton, Jatropha and spurge - it is the strongest poisons for pets.

Running and playing, the child can touch the plants and hurt him, and in the case of so-called "molokodayushih", it is very dangerous.

milk spillage necessarily interested in the baby, and, as I said, they like everything to taste.These colors are dangerous: Mandeville, pachypodium, Adenium.Be very careful if these plants have in your home.

Many cultivated yew home.It is very beautiful, especially its fruit, but it can also harm children and animals becausetoxic.Dangerous listed plants and birds and rodents, but we keep the past in the cells (although they are sometimes releasing a walk).It turns out that a particular hazard for potted plants are children and cats.

Therefore, ask the peculiarities of your house plants, clean out of the reach of children and pets place those that can harm children and pets.It is better to remove a source of danger to pets flowers bring you only joy!