" Talk to me , pussy ! "

only extremely stale host can doubt that his cat or cat need to communicate.Even as needed!In order to properly understand them and learn how to get along with them, it is necessary to closely monitor the feline behavior.And then there is a chance to learn the cat's "language".Most "speaking" part of the body of a cat - paws, tail and ears.

Tail "pipe", that is, straightened vertically, says: I am the master here!Cat or cat, their tails are generally satisfied with their lives and themselves.As with the flag, with the tail of a cat proudly walks on his own territory.

tail, bent like a hook at the tip or two, meaning the request: "Do not disturb".Most often during the meal.

Lowered to the ground at an angle of 45 (or even 60) degrees and feathered tail warns: I will fight!However, the desire to fight the cat, you can guess and hiss and "myavu" on bass octaves.

your cat active wags its tail from side to side?This means that it is strongly irritating to something.If the vibrations are very common - mos

t likely, he's let in the course of the claws.

cat tail hangs down.It does not mean anything.But you probably did not have time convinced cats tolerate stroking any part of the body, not the tail.Here it is from them no mercy do not wait!Not bad time to warn the kids that passion as love shabby cat by the tail.

cat or cat paws, confident and right interchanged with ballet grace, speak of the superiority of the "prey".But the lower the cat sneaks, the more uncertainty there.On foreign soil cat is able to move on curved legs so that it becomes like a furry lizard.

Cats love to hunt.Many even run against the hosts.They do it on straight legs, but with an arched back.It looks like a game.In fact, so the cat and expresses its dissatisfaction host.Potted Seals, those who see only the street out of the window, feel completely dependent on man, "Attacking" on the host, they arch their back, thus showing their fear of the strongest.

When the cat's ears are "ax" - the cat is actively listening.At this point, it is best not to interfere, because the ears of a cat at times sharper than a human.Ears in hand - cat relaxes feet.It can also mean poor health.Ears pressed, dilated pupils - a cat preparing to attack.

Among those habits that combine cats - cute style legs rub against the owner.It's nothing personal, just a conditioned reflex.But if the animal pressed against the master leg backwards - it is another matter.This is the highest degree of confidence.The same is true if the cat lying belly up, stretches and allow themselves to be stroked.

And if the cat before glomerate on your lap, marking time in one place and furiously rubs against your ears, you know - this fraternization!Exactly the same movement makes kitten sucking mother's milk.The brightest moments of life the animal, as well as people reflexively reproduces your infant experiences.

addition, each cat has its own personal tradition.Someone goes to the owner, zazyvno meowing.Someone with a delicacy rises to the rear.Others develop a special technique silent "myava".The most harmful cats screaming in the morning from their trough, even if there is a fresh feed slide.They are like children who just need a little bit of your attention.