about cats

Not only in superstitions about cats told many stories, they were regarded as endowed with mysterious powers, but scientists say that these graceful, willful and beautiful pets has an incredible ability to explain, at times, very difficult, because the facts are contrary to the commonmeaning.According to scientists, in most cats have extrasensory perception.

What do you know about cats?For example, can you tell how much time has passed since then, as cats are living with people?If you answer "a lot", then do not make a mistake, because the more accurate answer - more than ten thousand years.

In ancient times, before the cats worshiped, considered sacred, almost messengers of the gods.But in the Middle Ages about cats telling scary stories, they feared, pursued, drowned, burned at the stake, considering that they - the devil incarnate on Earth or werewolves.

Our ancestors, the Slavs, treated cats tolerant.However, some prejudices are preserved today.For example, many now believe that if a cat is 13 ye

ars old, you have to get rid of it: from that moment he becomes smarter and smarter than his master, embodying some diabolical force.

In XX century, scientists seriously interested in mystery cats.In the 30-ies.Dr. DVRain as a result of long research concluded that cats possess paranormal abilities: foresight and telepa¬tiey.Simply put, they feel the approach of danger in advance and at large distances will learn about the master's troubles.

Later, other researchers - Nobel Prize winner Dutchman N. Tinbergen and his colleague Robert Morris - discovered in the cat's ability to psychokinesis, ie moving objects nonphysical ways, and clairvoyance -.. Gain information from any inanimate object.

ability of cats to feel the approach of danger for a long time no one is surprised, furthermore, people are actively used.For example, seamen take with them cats on ships.And in the towns and villages on the slopes of Vesuvius, there is no family, no matter where the cat lived.

During the war, when the sky at any moment could fall bomb, people often fled because of cats.Such cases have been noted in all the belligerent countries.This ability was assessed cats, and later in Europe established a special medal on which were engraved the words: - "We also serve the motherland."She was awarded the cats, who saved the greatest number of human lives.

turns out that cats can anticipate and predict various events.Meanwhile, many inventions, so create a compelling scientific theory of complex environments cat stories.However, scientists are still unable to explain some of the abilities of our pupils.

German biochemist H. Tribune explains the ability of cats to the anticipation that they can detect changes in the magnetic field around itself, poor soil movement and hear sounds which lie outside the range of human hearing.

To all other cats have a unique sense organ, which is not a human - organ Jacobson.It is in their mouth basis.To use it, the animal stops moving, and draws in his breath.The hosts cats can observe this process: the animal stands with parted lips and seems to listen to something.

But even this can not explain the rest of abilities completely improbable feline family.For example, a cat can learn about the death of his master, if it is at a distance of several thousand kilometers away?And whether it is necessary to consider it throwing the room evidence of knowledge or just a coincidence?

There are many stories about cats-healers.They have helped many people.Today, the ability of cats is often used to treat different, including severe mental illness.The animals selected for temperament, breed, personal characteristics, and even at a rate of mental abilities.

Those who have a cat at home, probably more than once noticed that if something hurts or a bad mood, and nearby is a favorite pet, the pain gradually goes away, the mood improves.

These stories about cats is almost impossible to check and, especially, to explain and refute them, too, will not work.Scientists agree in one: the cat used to human communication with the region, which is outside the usual human perception, and about which we can only guess.Therefore, the ability of our "smaller brothers" still remains one of the many mysteries.