These funny animals

Anyone who has pets, willing to talk about them for hours - so much fun and sometimes quite incredible, the stories happens to them.Many of the stories are so funny, they seem just fiction.But the possibility of the animals surprise us, truly inexhaustible.Do not believe me - see for yourself!

• In one Polish town of Shepherd managed to call the police at the same time, an ambulance and firemen, and all because somehow scored emergency room and at the same time tragic howled into the receiver.The terrified attendant roused everyone could set the number of communicators, from ringing, rescuers broke down the door .. And from behind the door came a dog, proudly pee right on the stairwell and went home.Well, at least it was clear why she was calling.

• But why shot at the American dog owner Samson, no one knows.Like they lived in perfect harmony, but then one day, out hunting, Samson went to the master's rifle lying on the grass, and pulled the trigger.By the way, I was, however, in the leg, but given th

at he was shooting for the first time, this is also a good result.All the more so, the owner of two fingers amputated still had, and in the meantime the police tried to find out whether there was Samson reason to be dissatisfied with his master.However, that begs the dog in order not to pursue criminal and takes full responsibility.

• In Australia, there is cat, which pulls from anywhere in the home flower pots, and other cat, who stole the neighbors all the socks left unattended.London Tom cat after a night walking back to the house with more valuable things: that he would bring the shoe, then tie the bag with coins ... Total Tommy scraped together fifty different kinds of objects, and now the hostess is afraid that the neighbors would think if she specificallywell behaved her cat.

• However, not only pets surprise us - the inhabitants of the forests, reservoirs and zoos too tricky on an invention.In the Australian city of Adelaide, at the zoo, in the process of cleaning the cage with a chimpanzee, a servant found a nest egg in the form of thick wads of money, all banknotes were small, and some are foreign.For cell immediately set the watch, and it turned out that these money honestly earned themselves a monkey - they just sold their visitors fruits and proceeds carefully stacked in a corner.

• In America, in Pennsylvania, the husband and wife one night, heard in his house a suspicious noise.Deciding that it is thieves, the owners quietly went down and saw that in their bath, all wet and in the foam, is zonked elk.How and why he had wandered into the house, he climbed into the tub, turned on the tap and let loose foam?Who knows.However, I had to call the service of environmental protection.Only she was able to very pure elk remove from the bath, and send back to the forest.

• Australian Coast Guard received a signal from a seaplane, who asked for help, because the giant crocodile attacked him.The Coast Guard immediately came to the scene, but she was exhausted from laughing and could not help it: it took a seaplane crocodile for his girlfriend and began to actively take care of him.Love crocodile ended tragically for the seaplane he drowned.