How to choose a puppy ?

If you want to get a dog, this issue should be discussed by all family members.Dog for anybody in the family should not be an unwanted burden, let alone the subject of discord and quarrels.Otherwise, the fate of the dog's stepson might be unflattering or even tragic.

Choosing a pet, it is important to determine the gender of the future dog.Females more clever, kind and accommodating, so they are always more likely to be family pets or a good watchdog.

Males are usually larger, more active than females, but they often manifest a tendency to vagrancy and clarification of relations with compatriots "fangs".In addition, the call of the floor makes a dog, sensing the smell girlfriend, bogged down in its wake and disappear for a day or two, and sometimes forever ...

Puppy necessary to take small.In ote¬chestvennom dog breeding puppies decided to take away from his mother at the age of 1-1.5 months.Wool in the puppy should be shiny and disheveled.It is a bad sign, and pustules are dried-crust on the skin.

eye color of all the puppies at the age of 1-1.5 months dull blue or blue.Please note that there are no purulent yellowish or greenish outflow from the eye, eyelashes stuck together, increased the third century (film on the inner corner of the eye).The kid should look cheerful, well-fed and well-fed, rib and maklokki must not bulge.

Make sure that the skin is no sores, rashes, parasites (lice, fleas), as well as dandruff.A healthy puppy is energetic, in any case, not apathetic and fearful.If possible, watch the puppies at feeding time, make sure they have a good appetite.

If the puppy, even a perfectly healthy, you do not like, did not cause sympathy - do not take it, despite assurances that this future champion of the breed.First antipathy will remain in your heart for a long time, and any fault growing dog, every miss will cause you irritation.

sure to show your new family member to the vet and listen to all of the recommendations.And, of course, from the first days, set a strict schedule for the care and feeding of your puppy, take him to the place and try to be mellow and patient.The joy of the appearance of a funny animal compensate for all the trouble coming to you!