French wines .How to choose wine for the festive table

you want to choose to celebrate the New 2008 Rat French wine?And do not be mistaken, because the wines of France rightfully occupy a leading position in the wine markets of the world.All French wines are divided into two categories - dining and high-quality.The category of table wines are:

- Vin de table - it is the fault of low grades, produced from blends of wine from different regions, and not necessarily French, and Italian, or Spanish.Table wines are usually some poetic names, in which, however, may not include the word «chateau» (chateau, castle) and the «clos» (enclosed grounds).These terms are used only in the names of quality wines.

But this does not mean that fault «vin de table» category obviously bad.They can be good, and worse - there can be as lucky.

- Vin de paus - belong to the category of local wines.As a rule, it is not the highest quality, but definitely French wines.All wine materials for them are made in that area, which is indicated on the label.At the heart of the producti

on of quality wines is strict control over the growth of grapes and wine production technology.If you are afraid to make a mistake in choosing the wine to your holiday table, it is necessary to choose a wine only this category.

But the French classification of wine, which was the basis of a pan-European, is much more difficult.High-quality wines are divided further into two categories:

- VDQS (Vin delimite de qualite superieur) - first category of high-quality local wines.To the wine has received this status, the winemaker must obtain a special license from the Ministry of Agriculture of France.Among these wines come across very worthy examples, however, in general, they are rarely exported, mainly are for internal use.

- AC (AOC) (Appaelation d'origin controiee) - it's wine that make the glory of French winemaking.It is certain that all of the outstanding French wines fall into this category, although it is not absolutely all the wines of this category can be called the pinnacle of winemaking.

So, with full warranty, you can only buy high-quality wine category AOC , with the other is always a chance to make not the most successful purchase.To avoid this, you need to keep in mind the following parameters (without them is not really good wine):

- production area - it is usually indicated on the label for wines of all categories, except for vin de table

- variety or varietiesgrapes - grape varieties listed in the title sepazhnyh wines, or on a label on the back side of the bottle, for blended wines

- millezim - crop year.The concept of "millezim" France has put in wine because of its unstable climate.Not every year is given to the best wines of a particular area.The vineyards are located to the south, the less the impact on the quality of the wine has a crop year.

its wines especially some famous wine regions of France.

Bordeaux - the largest wine region that produces the largest number of high-quality wines.The best wines are individual farms (chateau).The wines under the names of merchants (vintners) are valued less.Bordeaux and its surroundings are famous all over the world:

- seasoned red dry wines of grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, which give the drink astringent taste and aroma of black currants.Grape variety Merlot gives the wine a lighter, softer and less tart.In the production of wines of the varieties Cabernet specialized areas of Medoc and Graves, and the best Bordeaux wines from merlot do in the areas of Saint-Emiloi and Pomerol

- natural sweet white wines , produced in the Sauternes region of semillon grape varieties.This grape is prone to rare but very useful disease - "noble rot", because of which the berries zaizyumlivayutsya right on the vine.From grapes afflicted with "noble rot", obtained the best natural sweet wines in the world.

Burgundy - the oldest wine region, the glory of the French wine back in the days when winemaking in Bordeaux just beginning.Wineries are small, their wines are mainly bought by vintners and are sold under their brands.Burgundy has a very unstable climate, therefore, for its wine vintage year it is of great importance: The best of Burgundy wines found:

- light, with a lively fruity flavor red wines from grapes of Gamay grown in Beaujolais.Most of them are drunk young.Best Burgundy wines are made in the districts and Morgan Fleury

- very dry white wine from grapes Chardonnay growing in Chablis.

Loire River Valley - in ancient times from the area supplied mainly wine to England and the Netherlands.Here do all styles of wine in color and sweetness, but is particularly famous for Loire Valley wines follows:

- dry white of varieties myuskade (Nante district).It is most popular in the world of dry white wine with an elegant muscat flavor

- pink - this wine region provides the largest number of brands of good rosé wines

- white natural semisweet grape Chenin Blanc and Grohl (district of Anjou and the county Vouvray).

Rhone River Valley - Reserve Wine France.Vineyards in this area already existed in the VI century BC.e.The local wine is full bodied, strong, very tart.Previously, they were used only for mixing with the other, they are now in vogue in themselves, such as is.All high-quality wines of this area - red from Syrah grapes.

Provence - specializes in the production of dry red and rosé wines.The wines are good, but rarely they can be called masterpieces of winemaking.

Languedoc-Roussillon - here produced a third of the French wine, mainly categories of vin de table and vin de pays.Quality wines among them a little.

Alsace belonged to Germany for a long time - he went to France in 1919.Alsace wines - white, almost always dry, very fragrant.They clearly heard floral-fruity notes.The main grape - Riesling.His mixed usually with Pinot Blanc, gevyurstraminer, Sylvaner.Alsace Wines bottled in special bottles - green glass, like a bottle of German wine.The best wines produced here wineries «Hugel», «Trimbach», «Dopff au moulin», «Zind-Humbrecht».Unlike other places in the names of wines of Alsace are not indicated grape variety dominating in the drink, and the place of manufacture.