How to choose a sink in the bathroom ?

half a century ago, the first time there was a bathroom.Before that people used the jug and basin.Taz was used as a shell, usually it was a beautiful thing, decorated with the monogram of the owner.Now the choice is huge shells, in shops you will be offered shells - "tulip", "Moidodyr" sink bracket and shell - tabletops, corners and to be installed on the washing machine.

Before going to the store and choose a sink, measure the space where you'll install it, or you can wait for a disappointment, as your selected model may not enter into the intended space for the sink.

It is also necessary to know the distance between the liner and the drain of the sink and the height, ie the distance from the floor to its upper edge.Designers are advised: if you have an attached bathroom, it is best to take the sink, bath and toilet in the same style.

Now a little about the materials of which shells are made.Most of the plumbing is made of faience.It is small, unlike porcelain, and, therefore, easily beats, in addit

ion, this material is porous and absorb not only moisture, dirt and odors.

But developers have found a way out of this situation, and is now covered with enamel or earthenware glaze, which have a variety of colors.Science has gone even further - today invented a new firing technology porcelain with a dirt-repelling effect.This sink is not cheap, and its properties can not determine at a glance, so ask when buying a certificate or a proprietary branded product.

Some models shells are made of "cast marble", a natural granite or marble chips, which are pressed at high temperature synthetic binders.Most often it is not just a sink and a single candy bar, representing a sink and countertop.When you purchase is necessary to take into account that such models are much more expensive than porcelain.

Today even appeared shell made of wood, but once it is necessary to stipulate that such refinement sink rather than the plumbing fixtures.It is completely impractical and very expensive, but, nevertheless, is in demand.Of course, for its production of wood undergoes special treatment, but the sink is still short-lived.

Now all the great demand for the shell of glass, the main component of which is quartz.It is very similar to marble, but more varied in color.

well as a wide range of sales of metal shells or combined - from glass and metal.Shells made of glass and metal are rather expensive, but are often, a work of art, and of course, very decorated bathroom.

Finally, another material manufacturing shells, is duralumin, created on the basis of acrylic resins.It is durable, easy to clean, does not absorb odors and dirt, but also not cheap.

Experts also point out that the popularity of colored plumbing falls more and more, and preference is given to the white color.There is, perhaps, because it is very difficult to link the color with the design of plumbing bathroom, and the white color fits into any interior harmoniously.

Sink we use regularly, so it requires constant care.Experts do not recommend the use of abrasive materials when cleaning any shells, it is best to use gels, emulsions or creams, and in any case it is impossible to clean the sink by chemical means, which include acid and caustic alkali, as well as ammonia.

Choose and buy modern plumbing, it will allow you to make your bathroom one of the most beautiful rooms of the apartment.