Buy equipment correctly - save the family budget

Home appliances, especially cooking, saves our time and energy, allowing you to perform household chores with a minimum of work and effort.And rightly come women who look after all the technical innovations, updating and replacing obsolete equipment with more modern and user-friendly operation.

But choose the right devices in abundance presented novelties in the shops - is not easy.And to make the right purchase, too, should be able to.It's a shame is if you buy something that is not, and then you start or exchange or warranty besiege shops, trying to exchange instant the failed equipment.

To avoid this, you must be careful when you buy and pay attention to the general rules necessary for selecting and checking you liked the device.Moreover, these rules are whatever you buy - fridge, phone, or the appliance!

Rule one is basically: observing it, you greatly, guarantee yourself no trouble afterwards.The idea is that you need to buy equipment only in the audited stores, reputable firms, etc.Even if the

market in a random bench, you will see "exactly the same" device, but at half the price, hold, and think about the consequences!Self-respecting major firms are responsible for the quality of goods sold, and what you ask from a random seller?

Second, try not to do serious shopping alone.With someone in the company and will be consulted once again, and prying eyes can see what you missed, and the witness of purchase in case of sudden problems occurred will.

are going to buy a thing, try to get advice from professionals, not amateurs, choosing the principle of "like - not like".Already having an idea of ​​what you want to buy, prepare the questions you need to ask in-store sales assistants, and better write them down to something not to lose sight of.

way to determine a competent advisor in the store can be here on what grounds he not only ulybchiv and tidy, does not bother annoying question "what can I help you", but also, and before advise anything, ask leading questions, find outexactly what you want, in any price range, and would not offer you more than 3-4 models of equipment to choose from.

So, the choice is made, it is necessary to observe another important rule - to carefully check all the drawing up of documents, the presence of seals on them, etc.If the store provides delivery, check once again that all of your information: address, telephone number, name, product model, have been recorded properly.Do not be amiss to recall that the delivery also need to conduct careful inspection and verification of the purchased equipment.

What documents should be issued by the seller when purchasing any kind of home appliances?The first - a cashier's check (with an indication of the amount of the consideration paid).In the case of buying on credit with an initial contribution amount on the check must be equal to the contribution, if any, was not, cashier's check is not distracting, and the buyer on the hands should be properly decorated the credit agreement, in which the present and the name of the point of sale, and the amount of paymentfor product.

second - receipt showing all product data, its manufacturer and model, price, name of the selling company and its address, and - a must!- The original, not a photocopy seal of the seller.In addition - to be a warranty card with the name of the product, its model, serial number, etc., user manual in Russian.

Some vendors offer you a new way of purchasing.You did not check the goods in the store, but you are given a guarantee that within 14 days you will be able to exchange the worthless goods.It is not necessary to accept it for the sake of saving time!Think about the fact that in the case of some fault you will lose much more than the same time, and even forces, not to mention the mood spoiled due to the inability to use the coveted purchase!

By following these simple rules, you choose and buy a really successful technique that will please you for a long time, facilitating home care, saving time and energy.And for the family budget a good buy - it is reasonable savings!