Leeks in your garden

you see in supermarkets leeks?You buy it and use in home cooking?

taste of leeks thinner and sweeter than the onion and the aroma is more gentle.Leek is used for soups, snacks and condiments to hot dishes and cakes.In leek

contained 3% protein and 12% carbohydrate.It is rich in potassium, iron, phosphorus, sugar, essential oils, vitamins A and E.

As a medicinal plant leeks recommended to use in atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders, lack of appetite, stomach disorders, mental and physical fatigue.

In addition, this vegetable improves the activity of the liver, gallbladder, and is very useful for patients with rheumatism, gout, suffering from urolithiasis.

largest leek grown in 1987, the Englishman P.Herrigen.The stem is pulled to 5, 5 kilos!Do you want to grow this onion at his dacha?Then it's time to plant his seedlings.

varieties of onions - leeks are divided into three main groups: early ripening , which are ready for harvest in August and early September, middle- - to gather in late-October

and , winter.For our climate more suitable for early varieties, late may not have time to ripen.

treated seeds before sowing by using juice or aloe growth stimulants (Appin, zircon), or simply soaked in water for a day, several times changing it.Sowing seeds in boxes, try not thicken crops.The optimum temperature for growing seedlings in the daytime 18-20 degrees, it is desirable to lower to 14-15 at night.

Onions gives good yields on a fairly moist fertile soils.In the 1st quarter.m making a bucket of humus or compost plant, a couple of tablespoons nitrophosphate and a teaspoon of urea.

well planted onions after the legumes, cabbage, potatoes.Do not put onion farm to the same place for several years - in the soil accumulate pests and diseases of this culture.

onion seedlings are planted to a permanent place in mid-May when the soil warms up enough.Leek planted in furrows 15-20 cm deep. The distance between plants 10 to 25 cm (depending on variety).

Transplant onion well tolerated.When planting the roots and leaves, I shorten by one-third.It is important that the roots do not dry.Before planting can be dipped in a clay mash.After planting, water the.

Care leek is watering (every five days), hilling plants (this gives the opportunity to obtain a high bleached leg), multiple dressing.

first feeding performed three weeks after planting, in the 5-6-leaf stage, based on 1 liter of mullein 10 liters of water.After 15-20 days fertilizers used: 20 g urea, 30 g of superphosphate, 15 g of potassium for the same amount of water.

last feeding is carried out in mid-July, to increase the dose of phosphate (40 g) and potassium (25g) of fertilizer.Planting leeks mulch with a thick layer of peat, leaves, chopped straw.Naturally, remove weeds.

In August, begin cleaning leeks for summer consumption.For winter storage onions harvested in October.

Pests leek - onion fly, onion mole.