I want to buy dispouzer !( Shredder waste )

Kitchen waste is particularly troublesome mistresses delivered in the summer, in very hot weather, when a chute or tanks have to run several times a day.But here to help the hosts will come a remarkable device, which is called dispouzer, recovery or waste shredder.

Think about it: most of all garbage in the kitchen make food waste, so having the opportunity to wash them in the kitchen sink, you reduce the number of trips to the street or to the chute, and save time and energy on cleaning.

addition, dispouzer or waste shredder not only makes life easier for the hostess, but also reduces the amount of garbage that is landfilled, and after all this waste can be recycled into fertilizer.

A set instead of boring bin compact and hygienic recovery is a snap.Dispouzer or waste shredder, can be easily integrated at any single or two-section cleaning and hiding behind the door of the kitchen cabinet.Mount it can be even on their own, according to the instructions.

To buy dispouzer, it is necessary to measure

the diameter of the drain cleaning - it should be 90 mm, and everything else - is a matter of your taste.

Top crushers - electric, they should be included in the network and display the switch on the wall or on the counter, as appropriate.Produce them mostly American firms.Prices for crushers varies depending on the model and the various additional features and range from 5000 to 20 000 rubles.

main function dispouzera (waste shredder) - grind leftover food: fruit and vegetable cleaning (by the way, be careful with onion skins - it is desirable to run not in isolation but together with other waste), watermelon rinds, egg shells, waste from meat,fish, shrimp, and even paper towels.

Recyclers small (about 30 cm high and 20 cm in diameter and weigh about 6 kg), but in such small amounts can be a couple of minutes to process up to 8 kg of waste.Choppers waste is very easy to use: open the cold water enough to enable recovery and emptied the garbage in the sink (for convenience there is a plastic plunger).

Inside the chamber centrifugal force throws trash on the walls, and steel "cams" and special "float" of its ground.At the bottom of the spinning disk with holes, through which the water with crushed particles go down the drain.You do not require any effort, never trash accumulates, no foreign smell.When the process is finished, you can leave the water run for some time to wash the sink.

Waste looks almost the same, so if you want to buy dispouzer, pay attention primarily on the characteristics.The models differ mainly in power (560 W) and the volume of the inner chamber (1.7 L).Furthermore, the higher the engine speed, the better: less power and water consumption.

Another significant difference utilizers - kind of load: continuous or portioned.In the first case you turn on the device and discard the trash where necessary, in the second - first load the waste into the chamber, close the lid switch and only then actuate the mechanism.

Useful, but adding value dispouzera opportunities - this corrosion protection, motor overload, foreign objects, auto-reverse to prevent engine wear and anti-jamming drive, the system noise reduction, emergency stop button.

For security reasons, have no electric grinders knives and sharp parts, and a feed opening is covered with plastic "petals", so if you accidentally drop a spoon in recovery, you can easily get it.

Current models of waste shredders are equipped with no ordinary switch and pnevmoknopkoy (up to her air hose instead of the electrical wire).And some models there is also a remote control.There is also a hydropulper, "engine" in which the tap water is used.The flow of water turns the blades inside the spherical shape of the chamber.Electricity consumption is not a recovery, running almost silently, and costs about 8,000 rubles.

important to note that it needs water pressure of at least 2,8-5,6 atmospheres (this can be important when installing in a cottage or country house).It is believed that the hydro-pulper able to grind not only household waste, but even broken glass without a problem.

to your recovery worked for a long time and with high quality, it is better not to push everything into it.Thus, it is forbidden to throw waste in the shredder polyethylene, metal objects, cloth, thread, bags from under the tea, as well as fish scales and large bones.However, medium-sized chicken and fruit pits to put not only allowed but also advisable, because they help the system to clean itself.

Dispouzer can become a real salvation, especially in summer, when it is important to quickly get rid of the debris: the heat active bacteria multiply, appear bothersome insects.The heat exchanger will help every woman in the kitchen to ensure the desired purity and accuracy.