How to choose a humidifier and air purifier ?

Create a comfortable climate in your home is not limited to the purchase of the air conditioner.There are other devices that create "healthy" air - a humidifier and air purifier.

First of all, you need to understand why we need a stable humidity in the room.It was found that at low humidity accelerates the aging process, it loses its firmness and elasticity.Under normal humidity reduces the risk of respiratory diseases.

But in low humidity at people is deteriorating overall health, increased susceptibility to disease-causing microbes and viruses.Flu, colds, acute respiratory disease - the likelihood of these diseases increases.Particularly noticeable is manifested in children.

especially important humidity regime for small children and infants.In the first days and months of life in infants is very delicate and sensitive mucous membrane of the mouth and nose.Therefore, the humidity in the room where the infant sleeps should not be below 50%.

and humidifier and air purifier designed to work in a co

nfined space, so they are mobile and do not require installation.For example, for the preparation of a humidifier in the work only needs to pour water into the tank and plug it in.All humidifiers are designed to work around the clock.Noise Level operating the humidifier is so small that it can be next to the bed.Fitting humidifier is better to choose some radiator to improve the circulation of humid air in the room.

functional modern humidifiers and air cleaners meet all European standards: automatic shutdown in the absence of water, built-in ozonator, a thermometer and a long (up to 40 hours) of continuous operation.On top of some models are equipped with a humidifier control panel with LCD display.Ultrasonic humidifier is equipped with a humidistat, which allows it to automatically maintain a given level of humidity in the room.

basis of design air purifier is a fan and a set of filters.According to the principle of the air cleaner system resembles a household vacuum cleaner, although slightly different from it constructively - polluted air is pumped into the purifier fan, passes through a set of filters and returned to the room.

Modern air purifiers typically contain a combination of several types of filters, thereby achieving an acceptable degree of air purification from small particles of dust, smoke and pollen.In addition to these qualities, some models of air purifiers have an automatic shut-off timer, remote control and built-in ionizer.

required performance air purifier is determined based on the amount of space it serves.

The shops sell a variety of models of air purifiers and humidifiers, therefore, the principle of knowing and identifying the need for these instruments for the comfortable atmosphere of your apartment, you can choose the model according to your abilities, taste and size of the apartment.