The interior of the zodiac

house should be comfortable and happy that people felt comfortable and relaxed.Each of us has their own ideas about beauty, but still, how to choose the color, style, furniture and accessories for your home?It turns out that representatives of the various zodiac signs are not the same decor, to the colors according to their temperament, preferences and character traits.What interior of the most successful, what colors suited to each sign of the zodiac, where he was a favorite, and the happiest place in the house?Here's what the stars say:

Aquarius Aquarius never choose a boring color scheme or ordinary banal interior.Among the modern styles have enjoyed great success Aquarius avant-garde trends, especially "high-tech".

His house always meet unexpected details of the situation (bizarre vase, "curve" table, the same color chairs, but different styles in one room) and an interesting combination of colors (cool pale purple and warm "hacks", ivory, blue and orange).

Aquarius always throws to extremes

, and representatives of this sign should pay attention to the components of the situation - the similarity in style of furniture items.

Aquarius Favorite place in the house - near the window, because for them it is important that the house had a lot of fresh air.

Fish Fish - impressionable and romantic person.Interior created Pisces is always an aura of mystery surrounds.Fish love "thingies" and "bows" "country" style, but they are close and mysterious motives of the East.

Harmony light pastel colors in their home perfectly with simple and functional furniture.People of this sign love the comfort and spaciousness, but their tendency to all kinds of souvenir and small things can lead to clutter living space.

favorite place?Almost always quiet Pisces related to water.He is more likely to stay in the bathroom, where they can relax, but to seek the well-being in the kitchen and to representatives of the representatives of this sign is not necessary.

Aries Aries - powerful, energetic and cheerful character.For housing suitable Aries walls bright colors:.. Pale orange, yellow, blue, etc.

General view of the interior: light classic furniture, parquet on the floor, low table, all kinds of glass accessories.Recommended curtains flowing lush folds.

Favorite place: Aries, first of all, you should choose a place next to the door, facade, gate.There they will be able to leave all your negative energy.Either this is the place to be associated with physical exercise -. Simulator, a place to recharge, etc.

Taurus Taurus, despite its strength and hardness, often chooses romanticism.Combining light pastel colors such as emerald green with orange or purple with olive, Taurus can get very interesting, unusual color combinations.For this sign is ideal interior in "country" style.

Favorite place: the representatives of this sign of the comfort, so prosperous place for them can be a bedroom, which must necessarily be soft, but stable bed or sofa.The dining Taurus may feel uncomfortable, but in the kitchen it has all the chances to show their ingenuity.

Gemini Twins - very fickle people, so they need to easily change the interior.Twins with their dual nature and the constant search for something new, like a light, mobile, ultra-modern furniture.In the style they prefer something exotic, but with age they love waking up to the classics.

Favorite place: they do not represent themselves without the information.Where is the source of information - and there is Gemini.Therefore, representatives of the stellar tribe need to choose a place where there are books, phone, computer.Even for the children's table with textbooks Twins will feel in the "form".

Cancer Cancer

sociable and romantic at the same time, sometimes likes to be alone in some secret place and, therefore, want to see your home a safe haven.For this reason, Cancer chooses calm, restrained, noble colors - blue, dark pink, brown.These colors combine well with light transparent fabrics and accessories.

Favorite place: impressionable Crayfish - a special story.Representatives of this sign is very closely related to the family, so the best place to solve important problems for them can be a kitchen.

(To be continued)