What - decoupage ?

"Decoupage" (translated from French - "cut"), has become popular among handy people."Decoupage" technique is a traditional craft in which carved figures out of paper glued to the different subjects, and then cover them with lacquer.Then things become like lacquer miniatures.If elaborately arrange pictures, even a simple cardboard box from under the shoe can become a true work of art.

If you choose to learn the "decoupage", start with a selection of pictures.Paper with pictures should be reasonable thickness and have a pattern on one side only, so that after bonding wrong side not shone out.It is best suited for the "decoupage" suitable wrapping paper for gifts and greeting cards.

now in stores for needlework sold already finished paper technology "decoupage" and a variety of decals in the Victorian style.You can collect cards on topics such as birds, animals, flowers, etc., and then cut and pasted these images of various objects -.. On screens up albums for photos.

stand lamps, small coffee tables, f

ireplace screens and boxes of any shape - every detail of the interior can be updated using the technology "decoupage".And if you place multiple items in the same style, these things certainly will decorate your interior and will complement the color scheme of the room.

Ideas for the "decoupage" set.For example, you can upgrade your coffee table.For this dye a small table in a color that would serve as a gentle background for your drawings prepared.To quickly get the result, use water-based paints - the final coat of varnish will protect them.

Then cut the selected pictures and place them on the table surface.Paste them only after making sure that the chosen graphics location is the best option.Bright pictures angles Arrange the table, then it will look even more elegant.

In technology "decoupage" wonderful drawn flower pots, vases and planters.For their design is better to use small figures - they will not deform during bonding to curved surfaces.Very impressive look like flower vases and pots, the entire surface of which is without gaps papered with colored drawings.

Even a simple cardboard box can be turned in a gift using the technology "decoupage".To get optimal results, place the image so that the elements of the picture passed to the neighboring plane of the box and the side of the cover.

Using decoupage, you can update old furniture, and, to make it a true work of art!

In the next article we'll show you how in technology "decoupage" can be made completely unique from the ordinary box of plywood.