The interior of the zodiac ( continued)

Leo Leo likes to be admired, therefore, any visitor should marvel and the house of Leo.This zodiac sign is always chooses the best and most expensive, and if the funds do not allow, then be sure to do something original, something others do not.This may be a rare vase or textile panels in the wall, made to order.Leo prefers noble colors that can be easily combined with each other - deep blue and terracotta, beige and brown.Typically, the "lion" interior characterized by an atmosphere of luxury.

favorite place can become a child's room or living room, but it is desirable that these rooms were bright-orange color.

Virgo the Virgin not made illusory dreams, and act.Virgin decisive and practical, like sharpness and clarity.The interior of the house is characterized predominance of straight lines and geometric patterns.In Dev impeccable taste - they would not begin to combine incongruous, so in their home there and the style, and color harmony: all shades of cream and brown (for a warm palette), or

blue and gray (for cold), a rigorous minimalist, but functionalinterior.

favorite place?Representatives of this sign of the zodiac governs imperious goddess Proserpina.Therefore Virgos better be where supreme cleanliness and order.

Libra Scales - balanced people, it is close calm interior, not "flowing" into any extremes.Because in the house of Libra reigns comfort and harmony.Recommended warm gamma - the classic shades of coffee with milk, cold - dark blue, light blue, purplish, gray, pink (pastel and restrained tone).But sometimes the scales are torn between different styles in the interior, because they do not love the eclectic, so determine the situation for them is difficult.Often this classic furniture or fashion this season.

Favorite place: there is no better place for Libra than own office.No matter what, but it must be the phone.

Scorpio Scorpio - a powerful, energetic and domineering character.So people close to the bright, rich red color.In the interior, they usually choose shades of red and terra cotta.However, sensitive Scorpios recommended calmer, not cutting eye color - red in the interior can be used in accessories, play a secondary role.Scorpions prefer the classic style furniture, sometimes a bit exotic.

Favorite place: but a scorpion tribal representatives stars treated too favorably.The most favorable place for them is the toilet ... (oddly enough, it for all that, should not leak water).

Sagittarius Sagittarius - a capricious nature, Give them the constant movement forward.For them mobile furniture, easy to change the shape and position was invented.Often, this modern tables, chairs and armchairs in light metal legs and shelves on wheels.The interior Sagittarius prefers cheerful "purposeful" colors - blue, yellow and shades of cream, pale green, sometimes orange.

Favorite place: for Sagittarius is not so important to be in any part of the house.The main thing is to be surrounded by things brought from other countries, whether it is a Chinese vase, a Persian rug or bamboo screen.

Capricorn Capricorn, Sagittarius, unlike large conservative, because love classic style and clothing, and furniture, and lifestyle.After trekking through museums Capricorn is very easy to change your interior design - it is in museums are drawn ageless ideas of the classical style.The perfect combination of colors for Capricorn - Black, white and red (or blue, green, beige).The dominant color is shades of black and white palette and advantageous to look in a classical setting.

Favorite place: in the 'workaholic' Capricorn has a positive effect work.So it's best he feels at your desk or in a workshop.

Who else to ask for advice on the arrangement of the house, no matter how the stars ?!Therefore, read, smile ... and equip your home as you yourself seem better, more convenient, more comfortable.However, do not forget that house - that person is the hostess!