The curtains in your home

One design wisdom says: if you want a major change in the image of the room - hang new curtains.And this is quite understandable, because more than 30% of the room falls on the window, and, consequently, on the curtains.Buy and hang curtains simple enough, but to make a new item successfully blended into the interior - a task much more difficult.By creating a harmonious interior space, it should at the same time take into account many factors: the overall style, functionality, the predominance of the color (it comes to furniture, the carpet, the walls and even on the chandelier), floor space and ceiling height.

Argued that the curtains should be either lighter or darker than the walls.Otherwise, they will merge with the main background and can not perform its function.When choosing curtains, do not forget about the visual perception of space, which can vary depending on the fabric ornament.

If your apartment ceilings are quite low, it is possible to correct this deficiency with a cloth in a vertical

strip.Thus, a visual effect of extra height.Suppose, room is pretty narrow, and I want it as something to "expand".In this case, a suitable pattern horizontal stripe.As a result, visual room will seem more spacious.

Curtains can be classic, traditional .Usually they are pushing to the side and fasten the cornice with clamps or threaded in a specially manufactured round hole - eyelets.Roller blinds are fabric is wound onto a bobbin.

Roman blinds - canvas mounted on the cornice "Velcro", it is collected in the folds at the required level.They can be changed depending on the mood or fashion.

Austrian curtains are unusual appearance, resembling a magnificent hat.They look very solemn and well suited to the spacious living room with high ceilings.Especially beneficial Austrian drapery looks in the windows with an arch shape.

Japanese curtains - is, in fact, a screen consisting of slats, which are collected on the basis of an accordion or pushing as wardrobe.This is a very non-standard model and extravagant decor, revealing opportunities separation space into zones, and the colors of the apartments.In addition to its direct purpose, such a thing can be both a screen and a translucent door to the room.

Curtains "Pleated» represent tissue that is folded into a flat, horizontal crease and can close the window of any shape.This is just a godsend for cottage or country house.

For those who prefer the versatility fit blinds - horizontal and vertical.Their plates (fins) may be made of wood, aluminum, plastic impregnated fabric.They are governed by a special mechanism.Blinds are universal, unpretentious in life and have a variety of colors.

Bamboo curtains can easily create a unique warmth and an ethnic flavor, which is especially important for residents of large vibrant city.This natural material is suitable for any room, especially to look good in the kitchen, or in a country house.

Modern and stylish accessories for curtains are the logical culmination of the window decoration.This only underlines highlight your individuality.It may be-ring eyelets, which can be installed on top of curtains and vdet them cornice or cord, miniature clothespins, clamps, butterflies, bright and original tapes, and more.

(To be continued)